Ever since RVing started becoming popular, Winnebago Industries has been synonymous with RVing. Why you ask? Simple. They have been supplying and modifying awesome RVs for a very long time – since 1958 to be exact. From your typical small RV (think the Winnebago Travato) to the huge RVs that Winnebago has become so popular for, their inventory is so diverse and innovative you’re bound to find your next RV in a Winnebago showroom.

Small wonder then when the mention of recreational vehicles ends up turning into a conversation about Winnebago RVs.

Winnebago Industries – Successfully Riding the Waves of Change Since 1958

One of the major enemies of businesses is time. No, not the lack of it, but the way it constantly brings changes to the environment in which business is carried out. Because many fail to navigate the sea of change, they either end up going bankrupt or selling off to a competitor. Not Winnebago. Having been in the RV industry for 6 decades, there’s no sign of the company slowing down or downsizing, rather, all signs point to growth.

From the time the first Winnebago RV rolled of the production line in 1966 despite rocky beginnings till date, Winnebago refuses to play second fiddle to anyone – and they know that means consistently producing quality RVs.

But this time, the winds of change are a bit more complex than normal and they are spelled “M.I.L.L.E.N.N.I.A.L”. Yes, millennials are driving are the ones driving the economy today, and for any business to thrive, it has to sing and dance to tunes that millennials prefer, loud as they may be. Perhaps that could be the reason RVs are coming in brighter colors than usual and so many fancy upgrades appliance-wise. And with millennials choosing to live in RVs due to their freelancing lifestyle, RV sales are going up – especially for trusted brands such as Winnebago. Perhaps you too should follow the trusted road to RV ownership.

Why Small RV Ownership is Fast Becoming More Popular than Home Ownership

Time, like I said, has a funny way of changing things. Some for the better, others, well, make us wish for the good old days. One of the things that is fast changing in our generation is the concept of home ownership. More people are opting to purchase a small RV and live in it than save up for a house. Here are a few reasons why, who knows, you might be tempted to join the bandwagon.


Image via Camping World

1. RV Ownership is Cheaper than Home Ownership

The recent recession taught us all some important lessons on finances – and one of them is that home ownership is not necessarily a secure investment. Besides, it’s cheaper to buy and run an RV than it is to buy and maintain a house. Let me let the figures do the talking. You can get a brand new Winnebago Spirit Class C RV that can comfortably accommodate a small family for $80k. You can also get a very good small RV for $15, 000. Compare that to house prices that are north of $200,000. RV prices are more favorable than house prices. I’m just saying.

2. The Concept of Work Has Changed

Another reason people can afford to live on the road is that the concept of work has changed. The current gig economy makes it easy for people to work from anywhere, and most prefer to work from their RVs. I mean, if you can, why not? The freedom to work while enjoying traveling the world is something that appeals to many – you included I believe. With this kind of “unattached” work, people don’t find it necessary to be tied down to a location anymore. The RV has become the new office for many, and it usually doesn’t stay parked in one place.

3. Responding to the Hearts Cry – Freedom!

Since time immemorial, freedom has been every human beings heart cry. And for many, the response to that cry is to hit the road in an RV. Perhaps that’s why Winnebago’s logo is a flying “W” – a symbol of freedom. Today’s world offers that freedom to those who are willing to embrace it.

Winnebago – Driving Your Dream Life

This kind of lifestyle is not for everyone though, so make sure you think twice before jumping in. but for those who do opt in, life on a recreational vehicle is something they won’t easily give up. And those who choose to chase the dream of freedom, Winnebago is usually their first and preferred port of call.