As you drive across the country in an RV, temperatures will vary widely.

In the north, temperatures get chilly, and you can bundle up with your loved ones to keep warm and cozy. But as you travel further south, what will you do? As you move across state borders and temperatures rise outside, they’ll rise inside your motorhome too.

Find comfortable temperatures with a Coleman RV air conditioner.

Over 45 years, Coleman has perfected the RV air conditioner with customers’ satisfaction in mind. After selling over six million air conditioners, Coleman still produces all of its air conditioners in Wichita, Kansas.

By keeping production local, Coleman can easily manage customer satisfaction.

As a local manufacturer, Coleman can be trusted with your camping needs. From air conditioners to a Coleman RV, this company knows what you will need – maybe even before you do.

Choose Coleman today for immediate comfort and satisfaction.


Choose from a Wide Selection of Products


Coleman has air conditioners for every type of camping from a folding camping trailer to custom buses.

Choose what type of air conditioner you will need to begin with: Medium profile units, ultra low profile units, low profile units, or a special application unit.


Medium Profile Units

The medium profile category is the most versatile of these options. There are four different products in this category, each with multiple uses. Within the medium profile category, you can choose from the Mach series, Mach Roughneck series, Marine Mach, and Loco Mach.

To decide between these four options, consider how you will be using your air conditioning unit. What type of vehicle will you need this for? The Mach series is the choice with the most variation and can easily be used for truck campers, 5th wheel campers, and motors from all classes.

The Mach Roughneck and the Marine Mach series are both used for similar air conditioning needs. You can choose either of these series with no hesitation. The Roughneck series is specially built to handle jarring vibrations of back roads or off-road adventures. Other Mach options provide energy efficient options for the environmentally conscious RV owner.


Ultra Low Profile Units

This category of air conditioning units is the second most varied. You have two options here: The Mach 8 or the Mach 8 Roughneck.

The Mach 8 unit can be used on nearly any kind of camper, but not construction equipment. This low profile unit is easily used because it is reduced in weight, all the while maintaining its durability and cooling power. This model has two motors to deliver two modes of cooling: high flow on high speed and extremely quiet flows on low speed for nighttime use.

Construction workers can find comfort with the Mach 8 Roughneck, which is not designed for heavy duty camping like 5th wheels or motorhomes. However, this unit is made for tough conditions and lots of movement, making it a great choice for industrial vehicles on dirt or rocky roads.


Low Profile Units

There is only one low profile unit of Coleman RV air conditioners. This model is useful for any type of camper or RV, but it is not recommended for rough industrial use. The Mach 10 conditioning unit is the most lightweight option provided by Coleman, weighing in at 82 pounds.

Although this model is lightweight, you won’t be losing any cooling power through this unit. Coleman is an innovating company working to help you camp in style and comfort, and they have worked hard to create a low weight, high efficiency model for you.


Special Application Units

Coleman produces three air conditioning units for special uses. The truck unit is best used for semi-truck conversions, while the two-ton unit is recommended for use in 5th wheel campers and Class A motorhomes. The final special option, the Park Pack, is recommended only for park model homes.


Comfort from Coleman for All Your Needs


Air conditioning units aren’t the only camping supplies that Coleman offers. You can also find Coleman campers and Coleman RV homes for great prices. Discover the joy of a Coleman model with options for varying floor plans.

Coleman RVs offer a variety of features.

Is a fully functional kitchen something you need? Models from Coleman include microwaves and two burner cooktops with range hoods.

Do you have entertainment needs? Coleman has you covered there too, with interior speakers and a sound system capable of handling input from several sources.

Coleman manufactures its products with your needs in mind. With your Coleman RV air conditioner, you will be able to travel in temperature-controlled comfort with or without a Coleman RV.