Are you beginning your search for the perfect RV to help you transition to life on the road? Look no further than the Tiffin Allegro RV.

A Tiffin motorhome is the right choice for you if you love comfort, storage, and innovation.

After 45 years of production, the Tiffin Allegro surpasses most in the RV industry on several counts.

In Class B RV reviews like this one, look for information that suits your needs. Are you more concerned about comfort or reliability?

Luckily, a Tiffin motorhome has it all and can fit anyone’s needs easily. Model 32 SA is an RV that checks all the boxes for standard RV necessities.


RV Living with Allegra: Comfort and Storage


Relaxation is second nature to Tiffin. The makers of this motorhome take no shortcuts in creating a space that is inviting and cozy, so you will never need to worry about lacking comfort in your new RV.

The standard bedroom comes with a king-sized bed and a ton of storage options. Above your king bed, find vast overhead cabinets, and to the side there is wall panel storage for larger items you bring with. There is plenty of space available for your wardrobe too. With a closet and several drawers in the bedroom alone, you may not need to downsize too much with the Allegro RV.

In the living area, you will have seven-foot ceilings for absolute comfort and two wall slide-outs for extra storage. The cabinetry in the living area and kitchen is spacious. Several overhead compartments line the walls of this RV for plenty of kitchen storage for all your pots and pans.

The dining area includes a set of cabinets below the table for more storage, plus a workspace for ease when working from the road. Throughout this motorhome, there are outlets easily accessible from each area. Don’t worry about losing a charge for your tech needs in an Allegro motorhome.

Along with tons of storage, Tiffin offers the option to decorate their RVs in your own style. Choose the décor style that is right for you in cabinetry, flooring, and fabrics. Customizing your new road home lets you maximize the comfort you find on the road.


Constantly Innovating for Relaxation


Tiffin is a consistent RV innovator in the industry. If energy efficiency and new storage options sound great, this is the RV manufacturer for you.

In a Tiffin Allegro, your impact on the environment is lessened. Technology has allowed designers to include LED lighting in these motorhomes. By using a fraction of the energy of standard lighting options, you are not only making an impact on the environment – you are also extending the battery life of this motorhome.

Tiffin designers also know storage is critical in choosing a motorhome, so they have created unique ways to store everything you need to feel at home. Red Bay master craftsmen carve the many cabinets, drawers, and closets in the 32 SA model from beautiful hardwood of your choosing. Quality comes first at Tiffin, as shown by the artisan wood craftsmanship you find in every Tiffin Allegro home.

Convenience is also critical in an RV home. Discover the ease of multiplex wiring and climate control technology. Fewer wires lead to fewer electrical problems, but that’s not all. You will also never again worry about uncomfortable temperatures, no matter where you wind up.


Protect Your Tiffin Motorhome Investment


Tiffin offers excellent five-star warranties when you invest in a motorhome from them. By continuing to support and maintain their products, Tiffin supports you too.

Warranty options range from 10-year plans covering the structural integrity of the coach’s frame to 5-year warranties for any exterior fiberglass components. There are also one-year warranties for defective workmanship and a year of roadside services.

Owner support means Tiffin is providing customers with continued safety on the road. Your relationship with this motorhome company is not one-and-done. Instead, you can have a steady, supportive relationship with this company throughout all your travels.


A Great Choice from Purchase to Travels


Tiffin motorhomes are made of a multitude of storage options and quality craftsmanship. Your comfort and safety are their first concern, and that is why they make the Allegro RV the best home it can be.

Throughout all your travels, rest easy knowing that you are supported every mile of the way in the Tiffin Allegro.

After 45 years of service and reliability, this motorhome has a stellar reputation. Find out why when you begin your motorhome journey today.

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