Even if you go with an RV, it's sometimes hard to find things to do while camping. Being surrounded by nature, far from the usual flashing screens and constant stimulation, isn't particularly "normal" for the average person anymore. Especially when it comes to kids, it is often not long before they'll be bored out of their minds. Unless you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve, that is. Camping doesn’t have to be boring; it can be a delightful experience that encourages family bonding.

If you’re worried about having a boring camping experience, it’s time to take a deeper dive into some of the best activities that you can do during your vacation. From outdoors activities to finding things for picky kids to do, there are a plethora of things to do while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

Some of them may start out looking one way but become something entirely different. Like when I went kayaking to a small island that actually turned out to be a rock, covered in a lot of bird droppings. I was disappointed, at first, but I discovered amongst that bird poop were veins of clear minerals. I mined some of those minerals and still have them on my desk to this day. Memories that last a lifetime are often found in the places we didn't know to look.

Are There Really Things To Do While Camping?

Thankfully there are plenty of things to do while camping. Especially in an RV, there are food-related things, outdoors activities, and more. When you’re camping, even with an RV and even in rough weather you can easily find things to do.

The only thing traditional camping usually doesn’t have is Wi-Fi. Sure having a hotspot is great in an emergency, just in case you need help. However, for many of us relying on an internet connection to entertain yourself while camping kind of defeats the purpose though. Although, not for glamping, a good solid Wi-Fi connection is basically required for that. But, if you are interested in a more traditional camping experience, you'll need to be more creative.

Camping vs glamping


Traditionally camping doesn’t have room for video games or the internet. A wide variety of people go camping to disconnect. It allows you to unplug and live in the moment instead of worrying about what’s happening on social media. However, that isn't so with Glamping.

Glamping is luxury camping, it comes without the "hardships" of roughing it. Most locations have decked out tents you can stay in, or you can use your RV. Those tents also come with Wi-Fi and other luxurious amenities that make it seem like you’re in a hotel, instead of the wilderness. However, traditional camping isn’t as hard as it sounds, and there are plenty of things to do while camping. It’s just wise to plan a bunch of things ahead of time.

Planning Things To Do Ahead Of Time

Planning is probably the most important thing you can do to prevent serious boredom. It’ll help keep people moving throughout the day, and it’ll make it easier to ignite great family moments at the drop of a hat. Instead of people complaining that there’s nothing to do with no internet. Some awesome camping adventures can even be all day events, depending on where you decide to camp. All of the things below will take careful planning ahead of time. It will ensure that you have a boredom-free camping vacation.

Games and skill challenges

Portable Game Center

Most camp grounds have some sort of playground, and often you'll find things like volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, and tether balls. Not to mention, there are many things you can bring with you that don't take up much room, but can provide hours of fun.

Like this L.L. Bean 3-in-1 Portable Game Center, which features not only a bean bag toss, and ladder toss, but also a quad toss for $45.00 to $60. It pops up and packs away easily, in a compact bag resembling the folding camp chair bags. Or this five game combo set from Target, which includes 30 pieces for about $20 - $30. It includes a net, volleyball, badminton racket and shuttlecocks, horseshoes, an air pump & carrying bag as well as instructions to set up your gaming day.

ball-toss game

If you just want to create something, some old golf balls, coffee cans and a marker can make a ball-toss game with points. Also, don't forget that stack of forgotten board games, they make for great rainy day fun in an RV, or for those nights that the citronella candles just aren't cutting it.



This is one of many awesome things to do while camping. With hours to spend, you can put yourself in a kayak and work through any waterways nearby. There's also the fact that you can get great pictures from a kayak. All of my favorite pictures from our camping trip came from our kayaks. If you don't own kayaks and don't want to buy them, there are rental programs, allowing you to use the kayaks for a specific amount of time before you have to bring them back at many camping locations.

Recover a capsized kayak

Don't forget to always wear a life vest, even if you're a great swimmer, and don't worry about dropping the oar, they float. It's wise to kayak with a buddy, just in case you do capsize, so they can help you recover the kayak. Just so you know, you can recover a kayak like you recover a canoe.

Ian Tendy blog post


stay safe while hiking blog

Here is another of many things to do while camping, and one that'll keep you away from your campsite. It'll keep you from being bored, especially since you'll have to pay attention to your trail, your reserves, and your time. Bringing a camera on an easy or medium hike is a great idea. You just need to be careful and cautious, and never go on a hike without the proper gear. This is a beautiful way to connect with the people you're hiking with while taking in nature and even potentially using some survival skills.


You'll need to plan to bring hiking gear, and layout your trail plan before you start. Also, don't wait until the day of your hike to break in your boots, you'll have nothing but blisters and pain. Wear thick socks and bring large bandages to cover potential problem areas to help prevent blistering. Moleskin and tape work just as well.

Water fun

Water Fun

There are dozens of things to do while camping that can help keep you cool. Especially if you're camping the in the summer heat, you want to be sure you stay cool. So make sure you bring your snorkeling gear, your water balloons, sand castle molds, and squirt guns.

If you have your fishing license, quite often you can even fish from your kayak. Or you can fish in general; fishing is a great experience for anyone of any age. You'll need to look up fishing laws where you're camping, and make sure you bring any supplies that you might need. Fishing itself can be gradually boring, so you also may want to skip rocks, build sand castles, snorkel, and any other kinds of water-related fun. Such as water balloon fights, running around with squirt guns, or playing water volleyball.

Of course, almost all of these events need planning and water-related fun isn't the only thing left to do when you're camping. You can also have fun outside of your campground if you know enough about the area in which you're camping. If you don't the word bored just might come up a few more times before you're ready to head home.

Events and attractions

Herkimer Diamond Mines

If you carefully research the area you'll be staying in and the things to do while camping there, you'll often find events to attend to fill out your days. One year when I was young, my family went to Tupper Lake and thanks to their careful planning, we spent a day at the Herkimer Diamond Mines. It was a lot of fun and the word bored didn't cross anyone's lips that day. Every town has an interesting and attracting quality to it, that's why people camp there. Look into events that are happening in the area you want to camp at and plan your trip accordingly.

Band of pirates

You never know when a crazy band of pirates will show up, or you'll spend a day hunting for quartz unless of course, you plan in advance. Along with different events, you can attend you can also find some impressive attractions. Monuments are everywhere, and some are way off the beaten path. Research about the nearby towns and into the history of those towns will make it clear just what kinds of delights you're likely to find there. So take your time when planning your vacation, because some amazing experiences just might be hiding underneath a basic google search.


This one takes no skill to do and requires little to no planning. Go on an adventure. Hit the nature trails on foot, or on a bike, or simply take a walk around the campground to see what you'll find. Bring a camera; you'll never know when a deer will sneak onto a trail in front of you -- or when you spot something cool and incredible. Going on an adventure is just one of many things to do while camping to avoid being bored. Just be sure you know how to get back and that you don't go out at night. Also, always use the buddy system on your adventure, it's safer. You never know what you can find in the space around your campsite.

Are You Ready To Pack Your RV?

Camping doesn’t have to be boring with you have so many things to do while camping. Even if you don’t go scrounging around on a bird poop covered rock for treasures, you can still have fun. From Kayaking to attending nearby events planning is the most important part of camping. It doesn’t only make sure you’re comfortable for the trip; it also makes sure you’re not losing your mind with boredom before the day begins.

Camping can be a delightful time if you have the right equipment, and you plan ahead of time. Otherwise, you’re risking a boring vacation that no one will want to repeat. Have you been on a boring trip before? Done something exciting during one of your camping trips? Drop into the comments section and let us know how it turned out.

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