New Zealand. A small country situated in the South Western Pacific Ocean (near Australia) and with a population of fewer than 5 million people is a very interesting place to visit. Even though this Island nation is small, it has many interesting features, especially geographically as it is made up of two main landmasses, the South Island and the North Island, and approximately 600 other small islands. That alone is ample evidence that there are plenty of things to do in New Zealand.

In fact, New Zealand is such a beautiful country that it got featured in the blockbuster movie the Lord of the Rings as “Middle Earth”. I know, right? Middle Earth looked so divine and you wish it was real. Well, it is, only it’s called New Zealand. And even though there’s no magic there, the kind shown in the movie at least, New Zealand has its own kind of magic that is found on the many islands that make up the country. Let’s take a look at some of the magical highlights this island country has to offer, shall we?


Things to Do In New Zealand – Visit Milford Sound

If ever you are given a choice to visit only one place in New Zealand, you should choose Milford Sound. This breathtaking place situated on the western coast of the South Island will hypnotize you with its magical beauty.

Rudyard Kipling was right in describing this corner of the planet as the “8th wonder of the world” as it is a place full of wonderments – and that at every corner. From the fiord’s cliffs that rise majestically from the water to the waterfalls that cascade down the mountains, some from as high up as 1000 meters, New Zealand has a lot to offer your eyes. This is one place you will definitely enjoy visiting, no matter the season.

Besides eye candy, Milford Sound has a lot of activities for you and the family to enjoy. One of those is a boat cruise (day or night) that takes people around Milford Sound to enjoy the views from a floating platform. There is no better way to enjoy the scenery of this island paradise. Except for hiking of course. If you love hiking, you will love New Zealand, especially Milford Sound as the Milford track will more than satisfy your craving for a great hike. The hike begins at the northern end of the gorgeous Lake Te Anau and winds its way through some of the most spectacular forests (just picture yourself trekking through the forests in Middle Earth).

And you up for a bit of adventure, you can try your hand at kayaking, diving. Being a series of many islands, there is plenty of sea and sea activities to be enjoyed here. And if you want to get as close as possible to the aquatic life, you can visit the underwater observatory at Harrison Cove and enjoy close views of New Zealand’s unique coral life.

If you’d rather keep your feet on solid ground, there are still many things to do in New Zealand, particularly Milford Sound, that will keep you entertained and on solid ground. One of them is a visit to the Fiordland National Park, the largest of the 14 National Parks in this beautiful country. The Fiordland National Park is one of the most beautiful forests on earth and is home to a number of animal and bird species (mostly endangered) that can only be found in this corner of the planet, notably the Kiwi and the kakapo, the only flightless parrot in the world. Because of its remoteness, New Zealand was one of the last places to be inhabited, making its forests and wildlife unique and practically untainted by civilization. This definitely adds a bit of magic to the whole atmosphere in this place.


Things to Do In New Zealand – Visit the Bay of Islands


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If Milford Sound is the main attraction on the South Island, then the Bay of Islands is the North Island’s main attraction. This gorgeous place comprises of 140 beautiful islands and is famous for its undeveloped beaches and taking the second prize for the place with the bluest sky (after Rio de Janeiro).

Activities in this pristine place include big game fishing, sailing, and visits to Maori historic sites where you can also buy some artifacts. Scuba and skydiving are also on the menu, as are boat cruises, bike riding, and exploring New Zealand’s marine life.


New Zealand – Paradise from the Past

If you’ve ever wondered what the early explorers saw when they first encountered the islands they met, all you have to do is visit New Zealand to find out. This is as close as you can get to an island untainted by the ills of civilization.


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