The Tiny House Movement has fast been gaining momentum since it started. And not just because they are an affordable alternative to regular housing, but because they are eco-friendly and offer the minimalistic life that most millennials are adopting. Tiny houses are also chic and refined, offering the best of both worlds, especially when they are on wheels.

If you are looking to join this interesting movement, I would advise you to consider the Roadhaus tiny home RV. Wait! Can the words tiny home and RV even be used together like that? Let’s consider that for a moment before I tell you more about Roadhaus RVs/tiny homes.


Is a Tiny House an RV?


Image via stupidDOPE

Before we get into that, what exactly is a tiny house? A tiny house is a dwelling that is 400-square feet or less, with some actually only reaching 80 square feet. These are a big shift away from regular houses that cover on average 2,662 –square feet.

As more and more tiny houses are coming with wheels as part of the package, there is a bit of confusion when it comes to labels. Is it a tiny house or is it an RV. Well, it depends on who you ask. For instance, if you go to your bank manager with a hope of getting financing to purchase a home, you will be told that a tiny house is not considered a house as you can easily pack up and move it elsewhere. In short, the U.S financial system puts them in the same category as RVs and mobile homes.

But whatever you call them, tiny houses are sweeping the nation, and many owners are deciding to use them as travel trailers and are parking them in trailer parks. And one of the most popular is the Roadhaus RV/tiny home.


Roadhaus Rv/Tiny Home – An Architectural Marvel

With a plethora of tiny homes and RVs to choose from, it is increasingly difficult for manufacturers to capture the attention of prospects, but Roadhaus is managing to do exactly that with the Roadhaus tiny home – a smaller version of the company’s popular 400-square-foot Wedge model. The Roadhaus is an innovative house on wheels that has borrowed many of the refined features of the Wedge and managed to cleverly fit them in spaces ranging in sizes of between 160 to 240 square feet. This tiny house on wheels measures is 38-feet long and 10.3-feet wide, making it very easy to tow with most vehicles.

The most beautiful part of the design is the floating roof that allows a lot of light in as the space between the eaves and the walls are all glass – all around the Roadhaus. To add to that this tiny house has a huge glass door that opens out to the included wooden deck, thereby increasing the interior space. Despite being a tiny house, the Roadhaus has quite an impressive kitchen that offers enough room to comfortably cook on its small stove top, while cleaning the dishes after dinner is made easy by the very sizeable onboard sink. There’s also ample storage space for your cutlery and pots in this hybrid RV.

Other impressive features on the Roadhaus tiny house is the bedroom that is large enough to fit a queen size bed. For obvious reasons, the bedroom is located at the far end of this uniquely designed dwelling. As for the bathroom, it is designed as a wet room and is covered with beautiful silver tiles. There’s no separation between the shower and the rest of the space so as to maximize space, but it is still easy to keep everything clean and in order.


Roadhaus Tiny House/RV – Home, Office, Camper, Guesthouse, All Rolled Into One

Because the Roadhaus is fitted with wheels and is a roadworthy vehicle, you can use it for practically anything you want to use it for. It can help you avoid those uncomfortable hotel beds and pillows when on holiday it comes with refined bedding. All you have to do is find an RV park you can call your home for the night and relax. And when you come back from your refreshing trip, you can easily convert it into a guest room or office.

Whatever you want the Roadhaus tiny house to be, it will do it very well as it is extremely comfortable and versatile. What’s not to like about such an amazingly designed tiny house on wheels?


Take Your Home Where Ever You Go With the Roadhaus Tiny House

With prices starting at $63,500 for the base model, it has never been more affordable to take your entire house wherever you go. The Roadhaus affords you all the comforts of your home no matter where you go – be it to the beach, in the woods, or wherever your heart leads you to go. Now that’s freedom.

Feature image via stupidDOPE