Ready to hit the open road in your mobile home? I know like the best of campers, you have triple checked your checklist and everything is in order. But have you checked on your mobile homes best companion? I mean your mobile phone. Yes, your mobile phone is a great and extremely helpful tool as you traverse the country in your RV. And no, not just for keeping in touch with loved ones, but because of the many helpful apps that make RVing so much simpler. That’s why I want us to take a moment to look at some of the best apps for RV travelers.


5 Best Apps for RV Travellers

Before you hit the highway, let’s hit the information highway first to find these amazing apps that will make life on the road simpler (and more enjoyable) for you.


1. Google Maps

Google Maps

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This is by far the most invaluable app any RV traveler has at their disposal. With Google Maps you can easily plan out your entire trip including fuel and food stops, find RV parks to stay over in, and a whole lot more. And the best part of this app is that it gives you live feeds about the route you are on, and if need be, the best alternative routes to take. When it comes to real-time navigation, few maps can beat Google Maps.


2. Roadtrippers App


Image via Roadtrippers

The Roadtrippers app is another invaluable app that you can get free from your app store. This app helps you plan your trip in advance to the tee, giving you the confidence to hit the open road – even if you are going into uncharted territory (at least by you). The biggest feature of this app is that if your original plan doesn’t work out, it can access your location (make sure to have your location turned on) and give you a list of attractions, lodging, and RV Parks in your vicinity. Plan B will definitely not fail. You definitely can’t be stranded for where to lodge or eat as long as you have this app. This app is available both for Android and iOS-powered smartphones.


3. Skyview


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One of the biggest reasons to go on a camping trip is to escape the pollution in the city – especially light pollution that makes it impossible to enjoy one of nature’s best paintings, the sky. Every fan of the night sky must never leave home without loading the Skyview app onto their mobile phone. Skyview is an interesting app that allows you to point your smartphone’s camera to the sky and identify stars, planets, constellations, and even satellites like the Hubble. Skyview is as beautifully designed as the night sky it enables you to explore and features beautiful images and well-written information about each object you are exploring. Skyview is free on both Google Play Store and the Apple Play Store.\


4. iExit

If you love Yelp and Gas Buddy, you’ll love iExit as it is an integration of these 2 amazing apps. Refueling on a trip can be quite a frustrating endeavor for an RVer, and that’s where iExit comes in to help. With this app, you can access all nearby gas stations, compare gas prices, and if you are running on diesel, you can specifically look for it. And for those who drive long rigs, iExit has crowdsourced photos of the gas stations to help you plan your entrance and exit in advance, or determine outright if you are able to navigate your way through or not. But gas is not the only concern when it comes to traveling. iExit also helps you find the right exits and anything of interest to you along your route, including your favorite restaurant. This free app is available for Android and iOS phones, and you’ll definitely be glad to have it onboard.


5. Historyhere

One of the best parts of a road trip is that you get to see many sights you would otherwise not see if you fly. And many sites on your route may have a historical significance, whether you know about it or not. And this is where the Historyhere shines. Historyhere is an interactive app that tells you a little bit about the history around interesting points around you. This app was developed in conjunction with the History Channel and features thousands of historic points all over the United States. With this app onboard, there will be no time for boredom. This app is available for free on Google and Apple play stores.


App and Away

Now that you have the 5 most essential apps downloaded onto your smart device, it’s time to get into your rig and hit the road. These 5 best apps for RV travelers will keep you well informed while keeping you on track at the same time. RVing has never been this easy and fun.


Feature image via Compact Appliance