Traveling the country by RV is one of the best experiences you can indulge in. The feeling of freedom as you travel the open road is unparalleled. But RV travel is not just a matter of going where the wind blows (or rather where the wheels roll). RV travel requires that you plan your trip, and that very well.


RV Travel – How to Plan a Trip

Many families are now realizing the joy of vacationing by RV, and the big savings they make enabling them to be able to spoil themselves more. But, how exactly do you plan a trip by RV? And when children and pets are involved, it complicates your logistics even more. That is why we have compiled this list of tips to make it easier for you to plan your next trip.


1.  Start With a Budget

Building a budget is one of the first steps to planning a successful and enjoyable RV trip. This is because a budget will determine where (and how far) you can go, what (and where) you will eat, the campgrounds and RV parks you will stay in and the activities you will take part in. as you build your budget, don’t forget to allocate something for an emergency fund, after all, no matter how well you plan you can’t really plan for some eventualities.


2. Plan Your Route

Obviously, when you plan a trip, you know exactly where you are going. The question is, do you know all the interesting places along the way? Planning your route includes researching places of interest along the way, your stopping points, places you will stay, and what you will do in those places. Don’t leave everything to chance as you might miss out on some very interesting places that may need you to take a short detour from your main route of travel. If you discover such places in your planning stage, you can then find a way of incorporating them into your plan.

Once your route is sorted, the next step is to make a timeline. This is an estimate of how far you’ll travel each day. The operative word here is “estimate”. Some drivers get all worked up when they are running behind time, that only spoils the vacation. Relax, enjoy the route, and know that you can always find a way of recovering your time. If not, enjoy the trip anyway, after all, that’s what the trip is all about – having a good time.


3. Know Your Electrical Load

One thing you need to understand about RVs is that although they have the power to run many of the appliances onboard, the electrical supply has its limitations. Understanding your RVs electrical load will help you know what appliances you can use at the same time and the ones you can’t run together. The best way is to label your appliances according to how much power they draw and always check which appliances are running before you add another load. This will keep everyone, and the RV, safe.


4. Create a Checklist

A checklist is one of the most important tools you can have on your RV. Create a checklist of everything you will need on your trip and use the checklist to make sure everything is packed. Every time you make a stop use your checklist to make sure everything is onboard. If you have kids and pets, a roll call is also advisable. Sure, Bingo may not answer for himself, but the kids will be happy to do so for him. A checklist will save you a lot of guesswork, frustration, and heartache so be sure to take it seriously.


5. Set Up a Base You Report To

This one is critical. You need to let someone you trust know where you are going and all your plans. Give them a copy of your proposed route and timeline so that they have an idea of where you will be and when. This will help you in the eventuality that something happens along the way. You will get help quickly if need be. Report to this person as often as is necessary, preferably when you stop over and when you start off for your next destination.


6. Secure Your Home

Especially if you are traveling as a family, make sure your house is secure before leaving. You can do this by asking someone to watch your house or by investing in some home security equipment. Nothing is as painful as coming back from a wonderful holiday only to find your home burgled.


RV Travel – How to Plan a Trip

Now that you know how to plan your next RV trip, you can do so with confidence and enjoy every moment of the trip too. And remember, a checklist is your best friend on any trip.

Feature image via Seasons RV

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