Feel at home while on the road with Keystone Montana Mountaineer RV.

The RV designers at Keystone have listened carefully to what their customers love the most, and this Montana camper is evidence of that.

Contemporary residential design meets comfort at Keystone.

Between the Mountaineer’s quality, value, and style, this purchase is an investment that pays off.

Nearly everything about the Montana 5th wheel RV is customizable, down to where you want the kitchen space. To get the best bang for your buck, this RV is the right choice.


Make This Keystone 5th Wheel Your Home


If you are going to be living in your RV, traveling across the country, you’ll want to be comfortable. The Mountaineer is here to make RV life as enjoyable as possible. With 7 various floor plans, you and your family can travel in exactly the style you want.

Each bedroom in the floor plans has room for a queen bed – the standard option – though you may opt for a king size bed. There is also a sizeable shower for your comfort. Space is provided for a washer and dryer set up, so you will never need to make time to stop at a laundromat.

The most popular of Montana’s 5th wheel camper floor plans includes a hide-a-bed sofa with a fold up bunk above it, but that is by no means the only option.

If you want to have guests from time to time, there is an option for a hide-a-bed sofa with a curtain in the living area – with very little work, you can have your own guest room right in your RV. You may also opt for a design with two hide-a-bed sofas, sacrificing privacy for maximum guest sleeping space.

The kitchen and dining areas for the Montana 5th wheel camper is equally as customizable as the living spaces. While each floor plan includes space for a microwave, dining area, and food prep, those spaces can look remarkably different depending on your needs. One design includes an island for food prep and entertaining, while other designs include less counter space with counter top extensions.

Most of these floor plans include a fireplace and entertainment space. Take some time to consider how you want your space to look inside an RV. Comfort in your new RV home is important, and the Montana Mountaineer RV makes comfortable camping easy for you.


Storage for All Your Needs


In making the transition to RV life, space can be an issue for many potential buyers.

You will likely need to downsize. However, Keystone’s Montana Mountaineer is a spacious RV with many hidden storage options.

In the bedroom of an RV, storage is usually at a premium.

With this model, you have more space than ever. You’ll find storage in usual spots, like the closet and dresser, but there is even more under the bed. A large storage compartment measuring at 16 cubic feet of space is hidden away but easily accessible.

You won’t only find storage in the bedroom. The living room provides you with 25 cabinets, all easy to access and store possessions in. There are also full wall slide-outs for extra storage, not usually possible in an RV of this size.

Montana 5th wheels take storage to the next level with ingenious solutions like this.


Live and Drive Safe with Keystone


Living and driving safely in the Montana Mountaineer is easier than ever. The bathrooms in this RV have solid grip so you can always securely exit the shower, and the sturdy construction expected with Keystone campers is better than ever.

As a leader in the RV industry, Keystone’s RVs are tested for all climates.

Expect your RV investment to be safe in all weathers. The Montana camper has been approved for zero-degree usage and is designed for comfort in hot weather. With excellent insulation, comfort is the standard for Keystone.

Driving with an RV is also becoming safer through Keystone’s innovations.

Hitch weights make hauling Montana RVs easier for all towing vehicles. Fiberglass front caps for tires mean the Montana Mountaineer features max turn technology, making the RV’s drag efficient for maximum fuel economy.

But that’s not all, this Montana RV includes technological adjustments on the suspension, which leads to smoother towing and better protection for your camper.


Invest Today to Start Traveling


Discover how easy life on the road can be with this 5th wheel camper.

Keystone is an industry leader in comfort, storage capacity, and safety. With seven available floor plans and additional features to choose from, know that your RV investment will be exactly how you want it.

From Keystone, the Montana Mountaineer 5th wheel camper is sure to make your trip exciting. Contact your local dealer today to get started!

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