Do you own a Grand Design Solitude RV motorhome and are looking for creative ways to improve it?

Grand Design Solitude is a fifth wheel RV manufactured by Grand Design Recreational Vehicles. These motorhomes rival some of the higher end luxury models currently on the market today. The company has paid special attention to the fit and finish, making these RVs some of the best on the market.

Grand Design offers 10 RV floor plans for Solitude and they are all so masterfully crafted that making a choice can be difficult. These RVs have been built to perfection, so many may wonder why anyone would want to improve anything on these vehicles. The simple answer is that owners of these vehicles just want to customize and personalize them, in a bid to make them feel as much like home as possible. In this article, we are going to look at six creative ways to improve your Grand Design RV.


1. Glow Tape


Grand Design Solitude features entry stairs as well as stairs inside the cabin. Slipping off stairs can be painful, but can also result in a fracture. This is where glow tape comes in handy. To make these stairs easy to see when the lights are off, consider purchasing glow-in-the-dark tape. This tape can be bought easily online. To mark the stairs simply, tape the outer edges of the stairs. This will eliminate chances of missing a step when ascending or descending. The glow tape doesn’t take away from the polished looks or the design. If anything, the glowing light looks magical inside the exquisite exterior.


2. Drying Mats


The interior of the Solitude fifth wheel camper is tastefully furnished boasting fine wood, premium leather finishes, and polished floors. This delicate interior requires proper care to maintain cleanliness and order inside the living area. Wherever possible, drying mats should be set out to catch water falling from washed dishes and laundry. The same holds true for the bathing area. Drying mats should be used to keep water off the bathroom flooring. It’s best to keep the moisture levels inside the RV at regulated amounts to avoid dampness which can aggravate corrosion of metal elements inside the vehicle.


3. Wax Pillar Candles


Do you want to change the atmosphere inside the cabin without using regular lights? Consider using wax pillar candles then. Candles are soothing and have been used for many years to create a relaxing environment. It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t purchase open flame (common wax candle) candles because the risk of the candles falling over and setting something alight is too high – Not to mention the fact that these trucks also have a propane tank! This is why LED candles are the perfect option. The dim light is relaxing to the mind and helps improve the overall atmosphere inside Solitude RV.


4. Carpet Protection


Carpet inside an RV isn’t exactly our cup of tea. However, if you’re the type of RV owner who enjoys having a carpet insider their camper, then this point is for you. You need to ensure that your carpet is protected from doors so that it does not fray. The best way to protect it is to use a large towel. Spread the towel over the carpet. Fix the carpet under the door and secure it with tape, and there you have it.


5. Freezer Defrosting


Solitude RV comes with a full-size refrigerator and at times it becomes hard to defrost the freezer. The hasty and messy power-show could end up spilling the ice and water down on the floor. We suggest you use a couple of flexible chopping mats, one for the back and one for the base of the freezer. When you require defrosting, simply push the chopping mat (it may require some force) and then push the bottom mat with all the frost.


6. LED Lighting


This is just a cool tip to make the interior more attractive. You can use tiny LED lights, maybe different colors if you like. It’s just to create a better visual effect. There are a variety of LED lights you can opt for. If you hire out your RV to celebrities, consider investing in some disco-ball theme LED settings especially if the RV is used for parties.  The best way to see what LED customizations you can include in the truck is to visit your local dealership and have a look at some of their previous work on motorhomes. This will give you a feel of what’s trendy and new in the world of LED lights.


Do You Have to Customize Your RV?


There is no hard and fast rule about customizing your RV. The only thing you need to remember if you decide to make any drastic alterations is how easy will it be to sell the RV if you ever decide to get rid of it?

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