For most families, a camping trip is usually the highlight of the year. But as much as camping takes the top spot on vacation activities, the inconvenience of pitching a tent and the expense of buying an RV are major deterrents.

This where pop up trailers come to the rescue.

What is a Pop-Up Trailer?

A pop-up trailer, also called a pop-up camper, is a type of recreational vehicle that can be collapsed into a smaller towable trailer for easy storage and transport. Though pop-up trailers may look small when collapsed, they offer a lot of space and functionality when set up, making them a favorite among campers.

Pop-up campers basically consist of a trailer frame, a box (into which the everything collapses), a hard roof (that also serves as the “lid”), pull-out bunks and dinettes, and “soft” walls made of vinyl, canvas, or any other pliable material.

Advantages of Pop-Up Campers

benefits of a pop-up camper

Image via RV Rental Guide

For those who love the outdoors life, you should strongly consider investing in a pop-up trailer for its myriad of advantages and benefits. Here are a few to whet your appetite for that next outdoor adventure.

  1. Very Affordable

The biggest advantage of camper trailers is their affordability. More than a fraction of the cost of a basic RV, a pop-up trailer definitely won’t break your bank. Whether you buy one used or brand new, you’re bound to find a pop-up camper within your budget.

  1. Convenient

Unless you are a highly skilled camper who relishes the challenge of pitching a tent, a pop-up trailer is your best choice for outdoor accommodation. Taking roughly an hour to set up, pop-up trailers are convenient in more ways than one. For instance, you can easily tow it with any car (and any newbie can hitch a pop-up trailer). And once you get to your campsite, all you have to do is unhitch it, freeing you to move around with your car. That is something you can’t do with most RVs, especially considering their size and fuel consumption.

  1. Very Comfortable

Pop-up campers may look “canned” and cramped but you’ll be surprised at the comfort they afford once fully set up. Just like an RV, you get to choose your options and features to give it that personal touch. With basic features like beds and a dinette, they offer the comfort of a well-equipped RV.

  1. Easy to Store

Because of their portable size when folded, pop-up trailers are super easy to store. Whether you decide to put it in the garage or on the driveway, your pop-up camper won’t take up much space, adding to its convenience.

Disadvantages of Pop-Up Trailers

disadvantages of a pop-up camper

Image via Gone Outdoors

Let’s face it, there are always 2 sides to every coin, and pop-up campers do have their downside too. Here are a few for you to consider as you hunt around for one.

  1. Space – When Collapsed

The biggest disadvantage of pop-up campers is the space factor – especially when folded. This restricts you from carrying things that don’t fold. The way to go about this is to load your car (if possible) with the other things that can’t be packed into the folded pop-up trailer.

  1. Can’t Be Upgraded

When buying a pop-up, you have to make sure all the features you need (and will need in future) are included. Upgrading it down the line will be next to impossible.

  1. Awkward Toilet Set-Up

For the smaller and medium-sized campers, the toilet base is right in the shower, and this does not go well with most people. This also calls for extra care in cleaning both shower and toilet.

Would You Recommend a Pop-Up Camper?

Would I recommend a pop-up camper? That’s an easy one. Yes.

Jayco Travel Trailers. They are the best in the pop-up trailer business.

Having been in the business for a long time (50 years to be exact), Jayco understand pop-up campers like no one else. And with their wide range of trailers, you’ll definitely find one to suit your taste and pockets in their line-up of impressive trailers. From the modest Jay Sport to the luxurious Eagle HT Travel Trailer, Jayco manufactures travel trailers that are practical, functional, comfortable, and beautiful to look at. And that’s why I think everyone should camp in a Jayco.

Time for a Road Trip – In a Pop-Up Camper

Now that you know a thing or 2 about pop-up trailers, and which to get, it’s time to start planning your next road trip. Ease of use, comfort, and convenience should be reason enough to ditch your tent and upgrade to a pop-up camper.

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