When it comes to the outdoors lifestyle, be it RVing, hiking, tent camping, hammock camping, biking, or whatever else you fancy, there’s one thing that will always be a common thread – they all look forward to 2 simple things at the end of the day. The first is a delicious hot meal, and the second is a comfortable place to rest in. Getting a combination of both is heaven on earth.

You can get that piece of heaven in a Helinox chair.

No, the delicious food is not guaranteed, that’s your pot of stew. But Helinox chairs guarantee a comfortable place to rest in.

Helinox Chairs – Made for Campers

If there’s one thing every camper doesn’t appreciate, it’s extra weight being added to their already overloaded luggage. This is why a lightweight camping chair is a godsend. And that’s exactly what Helinox chairs are – lightweight camping chairs that won’t make you break a sweat when you realize you forgot to pack some chairs.

Not only are Helinox camping chairs lightweight, they have an added bonus of being portable too. If it’s a portable chair, if it’s a lightweight chair, and if you’re an outdoors kind of person, then you need a Helinox.

The Helinox Chair One – The One Chair that Will Change Your Life

The Helinox Chair One is not just your average portable camping chair. You know the one I’m talking about. I bet you even have it at the ready – portable but uncomfortable. That’s the type I’m talking about. And no, the Helinox Chair One is not like that. It actually lives up to its description of portable and comfortable – very. In fact, it’s so portable it only comes in 2 easy to assemble pieces, the mesh seat, and the supports. And because it comes in 2 pieces, it is also easy to assemble.

I know what the technical geeks are shouting in their hearts, “What are the specs?” I’m glad you asked.

Packed: 35 cm long, 10 cm wide, and 12 cm high (An average loaf of bread)

Assembled: 52 cm wide, 50 cm deep, and 65 cm high

Weight: 836 grams (897 gm with tote bag – webbing ladder for attaching to pack/bike/kayak etc) Capacity: 145 kg

If that’s not portable enough for you, then I don’t know what is.

Assembling the Helinox Chair One – Easy Peasy

The supports are made of aluminum using the same technology used to make tent poles and assembling them is as simple as locking them in place the same way you do with tent poles. Once that is done, simply slide the mesh seating over the poles and your chair is ready for you to sit in it. Don’t be intimidated by the mention of tent poles, setting up your Helinox chair is as easy as putting Lego pieces together.

And when you’re done resting or eating, packing the chair up is actually easier than setting it up. Simply remove the mesh seating and fold the aluminum poles into one neat bundle. Don’t let the light construction fool you, this chair is as durable as they all come, if not more.

The Helinox Chair Zero – The Perfect Gift

Looking for a great gift for your hiking buddy? Get them a Helinox Chair Zero. Like the Helinox Chair One, it too is portable, lightweight, and very comfortable. After envying your amazing camping chair, your buddy will definitely appreciate the Helinox Chair Zero.

Cool Accessories for Your Helinox Chair One

The Ground Sheet

If you have ever camped in a place with moisture in the ground, you definitely have experienced the legs of your chair sinking into the ground. You’ve probably even fallen over too, but we won’t mention it here. This can be easily solved by adding the “Ground Sheet”. It will prevent the chair’s legs from sinking into the soft ground.

helinox chair accessories

Image via Helinox

The Seat Warmer

And for those cold evenings around the campfire, the “Seat Warmer” is filled with duck feathers to keep you warm and cozy.

The Table One

Mealtime? Don’t break a sweat, or rather a limb, trying to contort your body into a comfortable eating position. Simply add the table one to your camping furniture. Built on the same principles as the Helinox Chair One, it too is portable and lightweight.

Helinox – Redefining Camping

When Helinox started their line of camping accessories in 2012, they had one mission – to make camping more comfortable for you. And they are doing a very good job of it too. Do yourself a favor – get a Helinox.

Feature Image via Backpackers Verse

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