Florida is well-known for its beauty and soothing sunny weather. No other state in mainland United States experiences a warm tropical climate.

Cedar Key is one of the beautiful cities of Florida and is located next to the Gulf of Mexico. While it’s not as popular as other neighboring cities such as Miami, it is filled with unique attractions found nowhere else.


What to do in Cedar Key, FL


Here are some activities you can do in this small city:


1. Go on a Therapeutic Nature Walk on Cedar Key’s Railroad Trestle Nature Trail

If looking for a quiet place for some soul-searching, consider heading over to the Cedar Railroad Trestle Nature Trail. The nature trail gives you a mile of tranquility and peace, allowing you to connect with nature.

But don’t forget to carry an insect repellent, as the trail is laden with mosquitoes.


2. Have a Mini-Safari Adventure at the Cedar Key Nature Wildlife Refuge

The Trestle Nature Trail isn’t the only place to experience the beauty of Florida’s nature. You can also visit the Cedar Key Nature Wildlife Refuge.

Expect to see eagles, horseshoe crabs, and lots of waterfowl at the wildlife refuge.


3. Take a Boat Ride in the Gulf of Mexico

Cedar Key is Florida’s gateway to the Gulf of Mexico and so a tour around the city isn’t complete without taking a boat trip in the Gulf. You can use this opportunity to try out some fishing in the open sea.

And you don’t even need to bring your own boat. You can hire one or go on a boat tour with a professional guide.


4. Relax on the Tropical Sandy Cedar Key Beach

Just like many cities in Florida, Cedar Key is also blessed with sandy beaches. The Cedar Key weather has prolonged periods of warm sunshine, excellent for basking while on the beach.

You’ll get to enjoy the cool breeze from the Gulf of Mexico at Cedar Key Beach. The surrounding mangrove trees are great for paddling, and are rich in waterfowl.


5. Paddle to Cedar Key’s Hidden Gem: Atsena Otie Key

For an even more out-of-the-way experience, you can paddle all the way to the deserted Atsena Otie Key, situated half-a-mile from Cedar Key Beach.

You’ll get to see the remains of the once vast Florida Pencil Factory – Florida’s largest pencil producer in the late 18th century. That was until it was utterly destroyed by a ferocious hurricane in the late 1890s.

Interestingly, it was during this period that Cedar Key was Florida’s second largest city.


6. Learn of Some Rich History at the Cedar Key Museum State Park

The city is one of the most renowned historic cities in the entire state. To learn more about Cedar Key’s rich history, you should head over to the Cedar Key Museum State Park, which has countless historical artifacts on display.

One crowd-puller at the museum is the Saint Clair Whitman House which was constructed in the late 19th Century.


7. Join the Locals in Cedar Key’s Annual Festivals

It’s recommended that you plan your visit to Cedar Key so that it coincides with one of the city’s two major festivals – the Cedar Key Seafood Festival or the Spring Sidewalk Art Festival.

The Seafood Festival lets you indulge in a wide array of authentic seafood that Cedar Key is known for. On the other hand, the Spring Sidewalk Art Festival brings together gifted artists from all around Florida. It’s usually hosted at the historic Second Street.


8. Enjoy the Picturesque Sunset on Cedar Key Fishing Pier

There is no better place to enjoy Florida’s picturesque and awe-inspiring sunset than at Cedar Key Fishing Pier.

And you know what’s even better? You get to test your fishing skills on the pier. The pier makes the perfect fishing spot – and if you’re lucky you can catch a ladyfish and redfish.


9. Sample Cedar Key’s Nightlife at a Local Bar

Once darkness sets in, it’s time to experience the lively nightlife of Cedar Key. You can try out some of the renowned bars in the city for a memorable experience. A great suggestion is the Black Dog Bar and Tables, a comfortable bar to drink the night away and make merry.


10. Enjoy a Quiet Night at the Low-Key Hideaway

After enjoying all that Cedar Key has to offer during the entire day, it’s time to look for a good hotel to sleep in. If you traveled without your kids, you can consider checking into the Low-Key Hideaway, a private, adults-only motel.


Visit Cedar Key for the Ultimate Floridian Experience


Cedar Key, Florida is – without a doubt – one of the scenic places in the whole state. And even better, it has some great activities that you can do during your stay.

Make your next vacation, a Cedar Key vacation.

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