What's more fun than taking your trailer out to the lake for a long holiday weekend with family? But it's challenging getting a trailer from one destination to another if you don't have the right equipment. An electric trailer jack is an efficient and easy tool for attaching trailers onto your hitch. Rather than use a manual trailer jack, the electronic variety does the work for you.

You want to make the most out of the great outdoor adventure and fun times with family and friends. Your trailer is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without giving up the luxuries you want while camping. Enjoy the hot running water and TV. Make use of the stovetop and amenities you have at home. If you can't get your trailer to these campsites, how can you enjoy the great outdoors in style? You don't want to rough it; you want your camper. A trailer jack is a necessary tool you can use to attach your trailer onto your pickup truck or car. As long as your vehicle has a hitch, you can tag your trailer along. Don't make things harder on yourself than they have to be. Get rid of the manual and make the transition to an electric trailer jack.


Many variables go into the decision making process when buying an electric trailer jack. Its power, torque, weight-rating, and usability are some of these variables. Consider some of these relevant factors when selecting your new trailer jack.


A product label mentions a weight-rating of 3000 pounds. Most people would assume it's not powerful enough to lift their trailer, but this doesn't refer to the trailer's weight. Instead, it relates to the tongue weight. This weight is an indicator of the amount of downward force that the trailer's tongue places on the hitch. If there's not enough weight, the back of the vehicle towing the trailer can lift up. Conversely, too much pressure causes the rear of the car pulling the trailer to sag. Either extreme is dangerous.


It's important to know how much tongue weight the trailer jack can handle. As a rule of thumb, tongue weight is 10 to 15 percent of the trailer's total weight. So, if a trailer weighs 5,000 pounds the tongue weight is 500 to 750 pounds. In this instance, a tongue rating of 1,000 pounds for a trailer jack would be more than sufficient.

However, this isn't the safest way to calculate tongue rate. There are so many commercial calculators as well as tongue weight calculators available that do a better job. A simple formula requires subtracting the tow vehicle's weight with the jack from the tow vehicle weight alone. This figure is the total tongue weight. A tongue weight scale, commercial scale, and the estimation method (above) are other alternatives to calculating tongue weight.


The next thing to consider is whether a weight distribution hitch is in the mix. What is a weight distribution hitch? It's a hitch with the purpose of keeping the trailer and tow vehicle at the same level on the road. Additionally, it'll help minimize swaying of the trailer which is often a result of improper tongue weight distribution. Vehicles must remain level on all axles when towing a trailer. A weight distribution hitch significantly improves that balance. The hitch's weight is relevant in calculating the tongue weight, so you'll add the hitch to the trailer's weight when making your calculation.


There are several electric trailer hitch models to choose from when investing in these products. Depending on the model, brand, and weight-range, prices can vary significantly. For most electric hitches, the cost is between $120 to $400.


With so many products to choose from it might seem overwhelming at first to find the best trailer jack. It's difficult to know what to look for when buying one. We put together a list of the best electric trailer jacks for you. The first step we took in reviewing the products was to compare the weight-rating. Depending on the weight of a trailer, some products aren't powerful enough to attach them to a hitch. Next, we considered its power, ease of use, and the dynamic leveling capabilities. We also looked at products that include pins, cranks, and mounting hardware. Last, we covered the prices for each item and average ratings. Using this information, every trailer owner will find it a little easier to select the best trailer jack.


There are several products to choose from in the marketplace, so it's important to compare several before buying one. These are some of the best jacks available for attaching trailers to your car or truck.

  • 12 volt operation;Up to 3500 lbs. lifting capacity;
  • Removable foot pad;Powder coat finish resists rusting;
  • Features easy to operate switch for lifting up to 18";

This electric jack has a weight-rating of 3500 pounds and a ready-to-go seven-pin connector. To operate it, owners plug it in, and it's set to help. It uses 12-volt power and has an LED nightlight. A manual crank also comes with the jack if power failures arise.

Hardened steel internal gears ensure the longevity and quality of this trailer jack. It comes with a one-year standard warranty as well. The composite housing allows owners to use the jack year-round. Several reviewers note quality benefits which set this trailer jack apart from others. It has a weather resistant casing, making it usable in rainy or snowy conditions. It also comes with a connectable power source, so there's no need to worry about low battery levels during operation.

In one review, a customer indicates that the jack malfunctions regularly. They've frequently had to use the hand crank that comes with it because of this.


  • Powered A-Frame Jack with heavy duty 4000 lbs. lift capacity
  • Exclusive Spring Loaded Drop Leg Pull Pin provides 22" of total travel -14" travel plus 8" drop leg makes access easy,...
  • Single-Axis Level makes level deployment easy

This electric trailer jack has a weight-range capacity up to 4000 pounds. Natural weight distribution using the push-button operation makes it effortless to use this product. The spring-loaded drop leg can travel up to 22 inches when lifting the trailer onto the hitch.

It includes three LED courtesy lights making it easy to use in dark conditions. There's an emergency manual override in the event the battery dies. This product also includes a five-year limited warranty with purchase. Customers liked that this tongue jack is easy to install. It consists of a bolt for installation and only has one wire that you'll have to connect. There's no guesswork during the installation process, and the efficiency in its operation make this a great device.

In this review, a customer notes the product didn't operate efficiently. They indicate they had to return it because it wasn't working and a replacement was necessary.

  • Powered trailer jack with 4,500 pound rating, 12-volt operation, hardened steel gears, and soldered connections
  • 18-inch full stroke with 6-inch adjustable drop-down leg reduces time to set jack and reduces wear on motor
  • 3-sided LED light system to illuminate hitch and spring bar area

This product can lift up to 4500 pounds, and it has push-button operation. It comes with two key fobs which operate up to 40-feet away from the jack. The planetary gear starting system has a smart stop timer, so it'll stop at the appropriate levels when attaching trailers onto the hitch.

Ballbearings operate smoothly to minimize friction when lifting the trailer. This product also features a three-way LED feature. Therefore, it's easy for owners to see in light and dark conditions. A couple of reviewers indicate how simple this product is to install. It includes three bolts and two wiring crimps to set up. This reviewer suggests it took them about 30 minutes to finish the process.

A few complaints about quality create an issue with this product. Additionally, this customer indicates if it breaks it's not possible to repair the jack.


  • Lift Range: 9" to 31.5" (including 4.5" drop leg)18" travel height
  • Easy to use switch for raising and lowering trailer
  • Oversized adjustable Footpad provides excellent stability

The electric trailer jack includes a seven-way connector and operates on 12 volts of power. It has a lift range of 9 to 31.5 inches. The easy to operate switch makes raising and lowering the jack extremely easy. There's also an oversized adjustable footpad, which makes for a more ergonomic stepping base when operating the jack.

The plastic housing is water resistant as is the motor. There is an LED for nighttime use as well, and the trailer jack features automatic thermal protection. This design feature helps prevent the engine from overheating. Additionally, it allows owners to operate the jack for more extended periods without it dying on them. Reviews suggest the casing of this jack is well-built. This reviewer indicates it's easy to install as well.

For this product, this customer notes that it doesn't operate. Its poor quality and material finishes make for a less than average product.


  • The Ultra 4000 features over 4,000 pounds of tongue lifting power using hardened steel gears and making it one of the...
  • This 2" outer tube jack offers an 18" stroke with a 6" diameter quick-drop footpad for an additional 5.5" of extension
  • 12 volt operation & 25A circuit breaker

This product has a 4000-pound weight-range capacity. In about 40 seconds it's capable of traveling up and down 10 inches. The plastic casing is durable and protects the motor and body of the jack. It's safe in rain or snow, and LED lights provide illumination in dark settings so you can use this item in the dark.

The hookups and wiring are inside the casing of the Ultra electric jack, so they're not going to get in the way during operation. A large foot pedal also makes it easy to lift and lower the jack without exerting too much force. Easy installation and the adjustable foot lever make this an excellent trailer jack. It allows owners to adjust the trailer to varying heights when attaching it to the hitch.

One customer indicates the spring system isn't very durable. After only one year of using this machine, it didn't work any longer. They also suggest there are better quality electric jacks available for this price point.

The A-frame jack is capable of lifting to a 3000-pound weight-range and has a 15-inch adjustment range. A removable robot foot makes it easy to add or remove height automatically when the jack is off the ground.

A front LED allows owners to operate this product in dark conditions. Also, the clutch system alerts owners if the extension or retraction is too high. A noise and vibration alert helps increase the safety when using this trailer jack. The polyethylene housing protects the motor from the elements, and a 12-volt battery creates an efficient and seamless trailer jack operation. Reviewers appreciate the affordable price and how easy it is to install this trailer jack.

One reviewer indicates the robot foot and other attachments were missing upon receipt of their order, so they weren't able to use all functions/features of this product effectively.

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Considering the benefits and drawbacks of using an electric trailer jack is something consumers must do before buying one. Some of the benefits include:

  • It requires less work ​and effort than a manual jack
  • It's efficient when attaching a trailer onto a hitch
  • The error-proof design makes it easy for anyone to use
  • Some models include remote controls
  • If electric power fails, many products come with a manual crank

There are some drawbacks of using this tool too. These include:

  • Higher cost than manual jacks
  • Failures can occur which render the jack useless
  • The weight-ratings vary significantly between products
  • Consumers often have to upgrade because of weight rating discrepancies (meaning higher costs)


An electric trailer jack is an easy solution for outdoor enthusiasts who need to attach a trailer to their vehicle. It eliminates the heavy lifting and manual labor that standard jacks require. When comparing trailer jacks, there are many to consider. If you want something affordable, the Ultra 4000 is an excellent choice. It has a weight-range capacity of 4000 pounds and can travel up to 10 inches in only 40 seconds. This speed makes it quick and easy to lift trailers onto a hitch. It's water resistant, and the plastic exterior is safe to use in all weather conditions. Hardened steel lifting gears are going to last and won't stop operating like other jacks.

For those who want the best quality and highest weight-rating, consider the Bulldog 4000 jack. The 4000 weight capacity and push-button start are nice features increasing usability. It also has several adjustment capabilities with the 22-inch spring design. To make things a little easier, it includes three LEDs which helps improve visibility in dark conditions. And it includes a five-year limited warranty to safeguard your investment.

No matter how heavy your trailer is, an electric trailer jack is an excellent tool to help give you a lift. It'll do the job quickly and efficiently while limiting the manual work owners have to do. Plus, electric jacks are easy to operate with features that make your life easier. Forget about the manual crank turning when attaching your trailer onto a hitch. With electric jacks, you complete the work in a fraction of the time.

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