Sometimes surveying an exciting location can help a person escape the pressures of life. These trips can be used for recreation, education, or a combination of the two.

Gazing upon historic sights is a treat, and being nearby luxurious amenities at the same time is a big plus for any traveler. Looking at a road map of Colorado reveals over two-dozen scenic byways, connecting historical sights and providing views of majestic scenery, exciting manmade attractions, and much more.

From red canyons to sun-bathed prairies and the sprawling Rocky Mountains, Colorado has plenty to offer travelers along its byways. These locations feature one-of-a-kind historic sights that offer a glimpse into the state’s history.

From hiking trails to fossil digs and much more, there are a long list of amenities and attractions to check out during travel along Colorado’s scenic area.


The Value of Bustling Scenic Locations


For anyone who likes to travel, having multiple destinations in a centralized or connected area is handy. This makes it easier for a person who has come from afar to get the most out of their trip. Even locals who visit the scenic sights appreciate having so many options in a single vicinity.

Those who take trips in campers or RVs can usually make a full tour out of the scenic byways, traveling along and seeing everything from the state’s breathtaking landscapes to the itineraries set up in anticipation for eager trip-takers.

The byways functionality isn’t solely based on entertaining tourists – the setup also lends itself well to local travel and freight transport, as it connects various local towns and communities via a well-maintained system of infrastructure.

Since the area is so popular for a variety of purposes, these locations are usually maintained more effectively. This makes the byways suitable for travel by various types of vehicles on a regular basis. When planning a trip, most trip-takers appreciate being able to feel confident in their destination of choice. This comes with knowing the location is not only worth visiting, but safe to do so.


Planning a Trip on the Scenic Routes


Are there any scenic drives near me? How close is the nearest ‘big ticket’ destination? How far is Colorado Springs from Denver? What is there to see along this route?

These are all questions that travelers have probably thought about at one time or another. Looking to tour around Colorado is something residents and outsiders do every year. Getting together a good trip plan involves choosing a path that offers plenty of exciting destinations, so the trip never becomes boring or tedious.

There are plenty of things to look out for on a Colorado road trip. Here are a few of the top attractions.


1. Alpline Loop

This high-elevation road was first developed in the late 1800s, and now connects Lake City, Silverton, and Ouray. There’s abandon mines and ghost towns to check out for those who want to get out of their car or RV and survey the scene. There’s also plenty of thick meadows full of wildflowers, making for a tranquil scene and a great photo spot.


2. Collegiate Peaks

This canyon that can be surveyed by humans was carved by nature. The Arkansas River weaved spots around the continent’s densest amount of high peaks. This area also connects Buena Vista, Poncha Springs, and various other local communities.


3. Cache la Poudre – North Park

This area offers travelers the chance to gaze at flowing scenic rivers, red canyon walls, and even wild moose grazing alongside the grassy areas nearby. If the wildlife sightings around this area between Fort Collins and Walden isn’t enough to satisfy trip takers, the historic landmarks usually suffice.


4. Dinosaur Diamond

There are plenty of exciting discoveries to be made along this digging sight, where visitors can unearth fossils, footprints, and other signs of previous ages along this northwest region near the Rocky Mountains.


5. Colorado River Headwaters

The upper parts of the Colorado river allow people to see parks, mountains, ranches, and of course waterways. Guided tours are great in this area, as are independent trips for those who prefer to take in natural landscapes rather than manmade creations.


An Economic Asset for Colorado and America


The byways are a major economic boost for the state of Colorado, and also help benefit the country as a whole. These byways provide solutions for travel and freight transport, and also bring in good amounts of tourist revenue.

The locations are also great for preserving historical landmarks even protecting certain types of animal species. This makes the Colorado scenic byways a versatile and multi-beneficial location, offering something for travelers as well as those who maintain the area or even live around it.

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