Wondering why you should be interested in a collapsible laundry basket? One of the most common things people forget to pack before taking a trip is a bag for dirty laundry. We bet that some of you are probably sitting there thinking about a time or two that happened to you. It's no wonder. Who wants to think about dirty laundry when they are picking out a wardrobe for the trip?

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That's the time for getting excited. For those of you hitting the road in an RV, a collapsible laundry basket stays packed, so you never have to worry about forgetting it.

It's a great feeling to jump in the RV and head off to the next adventure. Long weekends away or a permanent move, one thing is sure -- you are going to have dirty laundry stacking up. Don't worry, though, life on the road is more popular than ever, and the market is keeping up with demand. The selection of products designed to make being able to live on the road simple, organized, and harmonious is ever-increasing.

A Collapsible Laundry Basket to Suit All Your Needs

Vremi Collapsible Plastic Laundry Basket (grey)
  • Heavy duty household laundry hamper measures 25 x 18 inches to provide 40 liters of ample and reliable storage space for...
  • Made from sturdy plastic that provides a stable balance while keeping your dirty laundry out of sight. With nonslip...
  • This no holes, no mesh, flexible basket carries not only a laundry load of clothes, but its unique, modern design also...

We know that every RV or camper has a different inside setup. That means that your individual needs won't be the same as another person. Decorating the interior of your RV is a matter of personal choice and what works best for you. That includes where to keep dirty laundry, and there is a collapsible laundry basket that will meet your needs. Options range from the typical plastic baskets and cloth bags to actual baskets made from cloth, and everything in between.

Dirty Laundry Storage Is a Must on the Road

As we mentioned earlier, remembering to pack something for all that dirty laundry is one of the most forgotten items on the list. A lot of people struggle to keep dirty laundry contained in their homes. Obviously, in a much smaller space, finding a laundry solution can be tricky.

We all know how quickly dirty laundry can turn into a problem. The last thing you want is your RV stacked with soiled clothing when you're trying to relax after a long day on the road. And in such a small space, that happens in no time. When you choose a collapsible laundry basket that problem will hopefully disappear.

How to Store Your Collapsible Laundry Basket

Where to store the collapsible laundry basket once you get it? That will vary widely depending on your space. Take a good hard look at the interior of your RV. First, is there an area under the bed? Many people store the laundry in the shower. If neither of those things is an option for you, look to any available overhead storage areas. You probably have more options than you think.

Top 5 Collapsible Laundry Baskets for Your Life on the Road

On this list of collapsible laundry baskets, we describe each basket, provide reviews, and talk about the price range. We will also tell you what real customers have to say about the products. Of course, since every vehicle is so different, there's no way for us to know which one will be best for you.

Urban Mom Door Hanging Laundry Hamper with Stainless Steel Hooks...
  • Hangs behind your door with stainless steel hooks included super space saver
  • Perfect for Families and College Dorms that need more room
  • Machine washable made from quality cotton canvas will last a long time

First up is the Laundry Nook hanging laundry bag from Urban Mom. This handy collapsible laundry basket comes with two stainless steel hooks so you can hang it nearly anywhere you have space. One user stuck a bag like the Laundry Nook over a closet rod, and it worked great.

  • The Laundry Nook comes in four colors: blue, coffee, grey, and pink
  • Dimensions are 30 x 20 x 50-inches
  • Comes with a bottom mat and a back zipper so that you can open it and dump it straight into the washer


Many reviewers like this particular collapsible laundry basket. A lot of the reviews state that it is the perfect size for a small space and an ideal way to keep things off of the floor. One user said this bag stores enough laundry that it's suitable for teenagers -- and most of us know that's quite a bit. One warning with this product is that the hooks may not work for you. If you select this bag, keep in mind that you may need to get additional hooks.

SAMMART 25L (6.6 gallon) Collapsible Laundry Basket - Foldable Storage...
  • BPA Free
  • User friendly by simply pop-up to open when using and collapses to flat for space saving
  • Space saving with Expanded size: 19.3 x 15 x 10(h) inches and its height just 2.8 inches after folds, save over 70%...

Second on our list is the SAMMART Collapsible Laundry Basket. This particular basket serves several purposes, and on the RV, that's a great idea. This basket is a rectangle and looks like the laundry baskets our moms used, but it collapses on itself to make a flat surface that is easy to store. If you aren't storing it, though, you can use it for laundry, a container tub, or even as a portable wash bin.

  • Available colors: bright blue, grey, light purple, and sky blue
  • Expanded measurement: 19.3 x 15 x 10-inches
  • Flat measurement: 19.3 x 15 x 2.8-inches


We know that the 3.5-star rating is not ideal. However, a majority of the poor reviews were submitted by customers who were disappointed with the size of the basket. However, many users found that the offering from SAMMART perfectly fit their needs. So, pay attention to the measurements and decide for yourself if this will work for your space.

DOKEHOM 90L Large Laundry Basket (7 Colors), Collapsible Laundry Bag,...
  • ALUMINUM HANDLE WITH SOFT GRIP - durable and easy to carry.
  • MATERIAL - Doublelayer 600D fabric oxford with PE coating inside for mositureproof.
  • DIMENSIONS - 15”(L) x 15”(W) x 31”(H) / 38 x 38 x 79cm (includes handle), 90L large capacity.

Next on the list is the DOKEHOM 82L Large Laundry Basket, and it is large. This item is less a collapsible laundry basket and more a bag like the Laundry Nook. It has a flat bottom and two circular handles at the top made out of aluminum. You can buy this item in large or extra large. Not only does it come in a ton of colors, this bag even has a little pocket for small items like keys and change.

  • Available colors: black, dark blue, dark grey, grey, light blue, red
  • Measurements of the large bag: 15 x 15 x 28-inches
  • Measurements of the extra-large bag: 17 x 17 x 31-inches
  • Handle on the extra-large bag is 40 percent bigger than the large bag


The DOKEHOM received very high ratings on Amazon. Users were impressed with how much laundry they could fit in the bag. Those who have to carry the laundry for long distances say that the handles are very comfortable.

A few users reported that they were upset that the bag didn't stand on its own. On top of that, a few others said that their bag broke after a short time. Overall, though, with a 4.4 rating, most people found these bags to be precisely what they needed.

Fourth, we bring you the Viking Collapsible Laundry Basket. One of the more expensive items, this product from Viking is a rectangular basket made of BPA free plastic.

  • Color selection: blue and grey only
  • Measurements: 10-gallon capacity, 10.5-inches tall (expanded), 3-inches tall when collapsed
  • Handles made of BPA free silicone


This collapsible laundry basket doesn't have a lot of reviews, but the ones it does have are excellent. People love the size and the fact that you can use it for many different things. More importantly, for those of us on the go, reviewers report that this basket is very durable. We could only find one negative review for this product, and that's because it arrived broken, which could easily have happened during shipping.

HOUSE AGAIN Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper, [Reinforced] Collapsible...
  • ✅5 Stars Quality Assurance!-Easily holds up to 50lbs and lasts longer! To avoid the quality issues often happened in...
  • ✅Extra Large Capacity-(14.5''×14.5''×24.5''). It is large enough to contain a week’s worth of dirty clothes, but...
  • ✅Popup Laundry Hamper!-Pops right open and it's easy to close up for space. People who open it for the first time,...

Our final product is the House Again Strong Mesh Pop-up Laundry Hamper. This selection is perfect for people who don't have a dedicated space for dirty laundry. It's a mesh bag with semi-rigid wiring around the sides to help hold it up. This hamper holds up to 50-pounds of dirty duds. This item pops open and folds easily for storage. Home again offers a 100 percent guarantee that you will love this product or you get your money back.

  • Color selection: black, blue, pink, red, and white
  • Measurements: 14.5 x 14.5 x 24.5-inches (enough for a week's worth of laundry)
  • Made from durable polyester mesh with a high-carbon steel frame and double-stitching on the handles
  • Handy pockets on the side large enough for a book or magazines


The reviews on this collapsible laundry basket are stellar. Users love that it is lightweight and sturdy. Many customers report that they like to use this while on vacation, so it's perfect for people on-the-go.

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Now You Are Prepared to Hit the Road in Style

There you have it, folks, the top selections of collapsible laundry baskets for your life on the road. You are already 10 steps ahead of many adventurers, just because you remembered to think about where the dirty laundry should live.

As you can see, no matter how small your space is, there is a solution for you. All you have to do is find that magic spot and find the solution that works for you. One word of caution -- if you choose a basket that is not on this list, choose carefully. While researching, we found a lot of baskets with meager ratings and a lot of issues. Now, get that vehicle packed up and let the fun begin.

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