Among the trees of Alabama, there is a state park spanning 3,502 acres of land. Here, you can experience the best of Alabama’s expansive natural beauty: mountainous land covered by forest and wildflowers, featuring hidden caverns and rushing waterfalls, all near your campsite.

Camping at Desoto State Park is a treat for all types of campers – families on a weekend trip, RV travelers looking for a long stay, and even for those just passing through.

Enjoy a peaceful walk through the woods. The trails here are for every purpose, whether it be a day hike, a couple day trek, or a short walk to clear your mind. Snap a few photos, though, because you will want to remember the beauty of this land.

There are many options at Desoto State Park for your camping traditions.

Pack a bag, grab your camping gear, and don’t wait to get out on these stunning trails in the north of Alabama.


Natural Wonders of Alabama


Discover a world you did not know existed down south the next time you visit Alabama. Your world won’t be the same after spending a few nights at this exciting state park.


Little River Canyon

Desoto State Park is located at the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains. On top of Lookout Mountain, Little River flows freely near canyons, boulders, bluffs, and cliffs.

Offering a variety of scenic views and a scenic drive through the mountain full of trees and great sights, Little River Canyon dips into the earth about 600 feet, making it the deepest canyon in Alabama. It’s also one of the deepest on the eastern side of the Mississippi River.

Nature lovers will feel at home as they find a diverse grouping of plants and animals in the area, including the endangered species, Kral’s water-plantain.

At Little River Canyon, you will find many fun activities. You can swim, fish, climb, or go whitewater paddling throughout the year. Canyon Rim Drive is a beautiful drive along the canyon itself where you can see several overlooks in one fell swoop.


Desoto Caverns

Year round, Desoto caverns are open and available for you to explore. Consistently a cool 60 degrees, the caverns offer a dark dip under earth’s surface.

Known as America’s first cave, the Desoto Caverns were discovered in 1796. Here, you will find a campground, a gift shop, waterfalls, and river streams. With each tour of the caverns, you see a laser light show, sound effects, and water shows.

Don’t forget to get lost in the maze, find some gems, or shoot some arrows on the grounds. You’ll never forget these activities, which are perfect for any active outdoor-loving person.


Desoto Falls

One of the most visited waterfalls in Alabama, Desoto Falls is also one of the tallest waterfalls found in the state. Like the state park, this beauty was named after Spanish explorer, Hernando deSoto.

Just a bit away from Lookout Mountain Parkway, meander through the paved path until you reach the railed overlook. To see the lower part of the waterfall, you will need to walk down concrete stairs to a second overlook.

The Desoto Falls overlooks are open daily and are near both picnic areas and a lake. Summer and early fall are the best times to visit due to the amount of rainfall, which contributes to the waterfall.

Add this sight to your journey and let this majestic natural wonder wow you.


Lodging at Desoto State Park


In this Alabama favorite, there are several options for overnight stays. There are park-run facilities including chalets, cabins, and motels, as well as traditional camping options.

At Desoto State Park, there are 94 campsites with full-hookup capabilities for both tents and RVs. Desoto also allows backcountry camping for primitive tent sites, and a couple of those backcountry spots even have shelters available nearby.

Desoto State Park is close to several local towns, making supply runs quick and easy for your whole stay.

Other convenient aspects of this state park include picnic areas, a seasonally available swimming pool, and a nature center with interactive programming and live animals.

You’ll certainly regret it if you miss out on this beautiful camping option when you’re in Alabama. Between the activities and the sights, you need to stay here soon.

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