You’ve decided to hit the road in an RV, and you’re packing for your next adventure. You know you need to bring enough clothes but save space for souvenirs. But you probably don’t realize you also need a water filter. Not just any water filter though, you need the best water filter for your RV.

When you’re on the road, you don’t want to have to stop at every gas station and pay out the nose for a bottle of water. The best water filter might seem expensive at first, but it will save you time and money on your road trip. But what else does it do?


Drip Water

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In case you haven’t heard it enough, water is pretty essential for our everyday lives. You have to drink enough water, but that’s not your only use. We use water for cooking, bathing or showering, and a lot more.

When you’re at home, you probably don’t have to think about filtering your water. More likely than not, your town or city has some sort of filtration system in place. But when you’re in an RV, water filtration is up to you.

Sure, you might be able to use unfitted water for your showers or for washing the outside of your RV. However, you don’t want to drink or cook with just any water. You need the best water filter you can get so that you can stay healthy when living on the road.


A water filter is a device that refines your water and gets rid of any impurities like dirt. If you’ve ever had amazing tasting, super clean water, it probably went through a water filter.


The best water filter will sift out dirt and waste from your water so that you don’t ingest anything that shouldn’t go into your body. Some cities, like Flint, Michigan, are known for their bad quality water, so residents usually have their own water filters.

So if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with good water, it can be a shock to start using one when you move into your RV.


Water is a necessary part of life from drinking to cooking to showering. Just imagine having to do all of that with unsanitary water. You don’t want to drink dirty water or wash your produce with it.

Sure, you could shower with less than perfect water, but clean water will make your life much easier.

Some campgrounds will have chlorinated city water for you to use. But unless you love the taste of chlorine, you’ll probably still want to use a water filter.

You can filter all or some of your water, and it depends on your preference. Just be sure you at least filter any water that you consume.


The best water filter for your RV is affordable, efficient, and doesn’t take up too much space. As you might already know, RVs can be cramped, and you don’t want to use your precious space on a water filter.

You should also consider what type of filter you want. In-line water filters work at your RV’s entry point. If you want to filter out sediment and bad odors, then an in-line filter is a good choice.

If you are concerned about space, you may prefer a compact water filter. It’s small enough to fit in your RV.

Finally, there’s the reverse osmosis filter. These filters let you purify your water, but they can also filter out sediment and carbon.

If you want to filter all of your water, you’ll want a more heavy duty filter than if you were to just filter drinking water.

And unless you’re a professional, you should make sure to choose a filter that’s easy to use. When you’re on the road, you won’t always have access to help, so you need to know how to use your water filter.

The best water filter for you does depend on your needs, but the price, size, and ease of use are generally the most important things to consider.


You can buy a water filter for your RV from outdoor stores like Camping World or general stores like Walmart. Some online retailers like Amazon also sell water filters.


The best water filter for your RV isn’t always the most expensive. In fact, you can find a ton of water filters for a bit costly price. However, our list has water filters that cost for a very low price upto a costly price.


Not only do you want to filter out the bad from your water, but we wanted to filter out the bad from our review of water filters. There are tons of water filters out there, and not all of them do an excellent job of getting rid of sediments and other impurities.

We looked at some expert reviews to find some candidates for the best water filter for an RV. Unfortunately, some of their recommendations didn’t stand up to customer reviews.

Yes, we believe customer reviews are just as critical as expert perspectives. When you’re choosing something that can affect your health and daily life, you need to know how it actually does. Customer reviews can provide a lot of insight that experts just don’t have.

To round out our list, we found some highly rated water filters that didn’t make the lists of experts. From there, we were able to compare and contrast the filters to determine the best water filter.


Before you set out on the road, you need to get the best water filter for your RV. You can only survive on gas station bottled water for so long. The best water filter will save you money on bottled water, and it will keep you from having to stop to buy water so often.

The Camco TastePURE 40043 Water Filter has an in-line filter and a high water flow rate. It has a layer of carbon that helps filter your water, and the filter can last for an entire camping season.

This filter has CSA certification which means it follows high standards for quality and safety. The filter can remove bacteria, carbon, and sediments. It can also reduce odor and chlorine for safe and tasty drinking water.

This filter also uses KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) to filter out chemicals like hydrogen sulfide that can make your water taste or smell bad.

You can attach the filter to any standard garden hose for clean water almost anywhere.

Camco’s TastePURE 40645 Water Filter is similar to the 40043, but there are some differences. First of all, the 40645 filter is RV and marine approved. It can remove chlorine and sediment from your water.

You can use the filter for up to 120 days. The filter has CSA low lead certification. It also complies with low lead laws in California and Vermont. Like the 40043, the 40645 has an in-line filter, and it uses carbon to filter water. It also works with any garden hose.

Clean water is essential for drinking, but it’s also crucial for showering. Luckily, this filter can handle a lot.

In addition to your RV, you can also use the filter back at home to reduce the amount of chlorine in your garden.

The Camco EVO Premium RV Water Filter is excellent if you’re willing to spend a bit more money on your filter. This filter comes with a housing container, a hose, and a filter cartridge. Like the other Camco filters, it lasts one camping season, but you can replace the filter instead of buying a whole new cartridge.

The carbon filter reduces odor, bad taste, sediments, and chlorine. It also has CSA certification so you know you can get safe drinking water. This in-line filter is easy to install and use on the go.

The filter uses KDF to give you clean and delicious water that you can use for drinking, showering, and more.

Culligan’s RVF-10 Exterior RV Drinking Water Filter is an excellent choice for filtering water while traveling in an RV. It connects to the outside of your RV, and it’s sturdy enough to filter a lot of water.

Your water will be cleaner and so will your storage tank thanks to the high-quality filter. The filter is small enough to fit in your RV when you aren’t using it, and the hose fitting kit makes it easy for you to install.

This fiter comes with a hose connection ad a replacement filter that lasts up to three months. The filter and filter replacement can reduce bad taste, odors, chlorine, and sediment.

The Beech Lane External RV Dual Water Filter System has lead-free brass fixtures that keep your filter from leaking. This filter connects to a hose, and it can filter out both large particles like dirt and small particles like chlorine.

The sturdy filter and casing won’t break or crack, and you even get a wrench so you can easily install and remove the filters from your RV. Beech Lane’s dual filter both improves the taste and the smell of your water so you can stay hydrated without worrying about taste.

The filter comes with a lifetime warranty so you can contact the company if you have any problems.

If you want the best water filter that money can buy, consider the Clearsource Premium RV Water Filter System. The system was built explicitly for RVers everywhere, and the filter makes your water extremely pure.

This water filter is easy to set up, and it features two steps in the filtering process. The first step targets larger particles while the second step removes smaller impurities from your water.

Clearsource’s filter removes sediments, chlorine, and other contaminants that you don’t want in your water. The stainless steel fittings on the system won’t rust or affect your water.

The AQUACREST RV Water Filter gives you great tasting water for a great price. It can reduce chlorine giving you fresh water on the road, and it comes with two filters, so you don’t have to buy a new filter as often.

The filter also reduces excess fluoride and heavy metals so that your water is safe, not just tasty. You can use the filter for up to three months, and it’s similar to the Camco TastePURE filters we looked at for this article.

When you decide to hit the road in an RV, you probably don’t think about how and where you’re going to get clean water. There are plenty of gas stations after all. But water bottles aren’t cheap. If you want a cheap way to get clean water on the road, you need the best water filter for your RV.

You can get water from anywhere and put it through a filter for clean, safe water. You will no longer have to pay tons of money for water bottles at gas stations.

So, what is the best water filter? While everyone will probably have different preferences, we think the best water filter is the Beech Lane External RV Dual Water Filter System. The filter removes large and small particles from your water.You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals making it into your body. And while the Beech Lane filter isn’t the cheapest, sometimes paying a bit extra is worth it in the end.

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