Your RV is your portal to the open road, a self-contained home and vehicle that contains everything you’ll need for an extended road trip. It’s convenient, valuable, and luxurious – which is why it’s even more important to treat it well.

Most people will take a few trips a year in their RV, which means they sit idle for most of the year. Whether they’re outside or exposed to the elements or in a safe place like the garage, this idle time exposes them to potential damage that can be avoided with the use of good RV covers.


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RV covers are large tarp-like covers that are frequently made from polypropylene or polyester. They’re treated with water repellant and UV repellant to protect the RV from damage and are made from breathable fabric to help moisture evaporate and prevent mold or mildew from forming. High-end RV covers have a tight fit and include vents to keep the cover in place. They’re secured below the RV and are easy to unfasten and remove.


If you’re concerned about the long-term use of your RV, an RV cover is one of the most important investments you can make. RV covers provide security to keep the bugs and rodents from sneaking into the idle RV and damaging the interior. Moisture damage can also dramatically lower the value of an RV. The top cause of loss of value for an RV is UV damage from sun exposure. High-end RV covers can keep your RV looking young and running smoothly for years.


ADCO is one of the most varied producers of RV covers. The DuPont Tyvek is one of their most versatile brands. A tight-fitting cover that blocks 99.8% of UV rays and 98% of dust particles over three micrograms, it’s resistant to solvents like the acids in bird droppings. Its weighted buckle toss makes it very easy to install and secure beneath the coach, and it’s one of the most durable covers with a resistance up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

CAMCO produces heavy-duty RV covers that are among the lightest on the market. This RV cover is made from breathable fabric that prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Made from lightweight polyester, it is great for hot climates and has vent flaps that reduce billowing. It is easy to secure thanks to heavy-duty zippers that allow easy access to storage and doors during the off season without removing the whole cover.

The PermaPro is one of the sturdiest RV covers on the market, made from the same rip-stopping technology used in parachutes. With a four-year warranty, the PermaPro is made from polypropylene and comes with layers of protection from UV damage. It fits long RVs from the ground to the roof and can be easily adjusted from the rear and front panels. Comes with elastic hem corners, a custom air vent system, and an RV Storage Cover for extra strength.

One of the bigger RV covers on the market with a 366″ width and a 104″ height, this RV cover protects RVs from mildew, rain, and UV rays. Featuring a triple-layered polypropylene cover that guards the RV from the element, its tough water-repellant cover and adjustable rear and front tension panels make it an ideal fit. Zippered panels allow easy access to the engine and RV doors during the off season without removing the cover.

Expedition is one of the best-designed custom-made RV covers. Made from Super Duty UV propylene fabric with elastic corners and quick-release buckles, it has an ultraviolet finish to reduce UV damage. A zippered entry side and zippered panels allow easy access to the doors and other openings during the off-season. It comes with a three-year warranty. Although it provides good protection, harmful solvents can damage the RV cover.

This RV cover features thick five-ply top and four-ply side nonwoven fabric, PVC cotton lining, and an extra reinforced core for the most windproof RV cover on the market. Ten air vents protect the RV from moisture and mildew. It’s easy to install thanks to weighted buckles and six zippers for easy access without removal.

An ideal budget cover for those looking to keep their RV safe, Summates provides four-layer polypropylene fabric and comes in seven sizes. This RV cover is ideal for protection against rain, snow, scratches, and dirt. Two extra secure straps makes for a snug fit, and reinforced corners prevent tearing. The tension panels and elasticized hem allow for a custom fit for each model. Comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Made from multi-layer polypropylene, this breathable RV cover is one of the best budget options on the market. The cover is neatly secured with straps and buckles at the front and back, and a rain gutter cover protects the RV from water damage. Comes with a patch kit and storage bag and is available in seven sizes.

Featuring durable ripstop material including five-ply top and three-ply sides, this RV cover features double-stitch seams to help prevent wear and tear. Waterproof straps and buckles and elasticized hem covers make for an easy custom fit and simple installation. The breathable material allows for maximum water evaporation to prevent moisture damage during the off-season.

This high-end RV cover features extra-thick fabric that protects against UV rays, rain, snow, dirt, mildew, nicks, and scratches. The top panel features water-beading technology to keep moisture from building and offers better protection for the RV’s rain gutters. Includes four deluxe wheel covers and a portable storage bag. A six-point air ventilation system reduces moisture and wind damage, while the easily accessible design makes it easy to maintain. Comes with a two-year warranty.

This travel trailer RV cover features a four-ply non-woven fabric roof for protection against rain, snow, dirt, and foreign objects such as bird droppings. Anti-UV protection guards from the sun, and multiple zippered panels allow for easy access to all sides. A fluorescent cursor on the door side and front side make it easy to orient yourself in the dark. Comes with a drawstring storage bag for easy storage when the RV is in use.

Made by Vortex, this budget trailer cover is an ideal choice for short-term coverage. It features a polypropylene fabric cover that repels rain and vents the vapor that builds up inside. It has an easy on/easy off design that can be assembled and disassembled in only minutes and is ideal for keeping an RV dry in the rain. It does not include UV protection like higher-end models, but comes in eight sizes.

Coming in ten sizes to fit every type of trailer, the XGear Outdoors Travel Trailer RV Cover is ideal for anyone who wants maximum protection at a reasonable price. The thick triple top layer stands up well to rain and snow while single layer side vents let moisture out and keep the inside dry and clean. Reinforced corners with elasticized hems ensure a custom fit to keep all foreign objects out. Reflective panels at the side provide added safety, and the innovative cinching system ensure easy installation and access.

Fitting any major RV brand up to twenty-four feet long and eighty-four inches wide, this weatherproof and waterproof RV Cover features a rear cinching system to remove slack and reduce wear and tear on the front. Zippered panel allows for easy door access. Comes in two sizes and is compatible with Winnebago and Airstream RVs.

Coming in seven sizes with a three-year warranty for guaranteed satisfaction, this Expedition RV Cover is one of the sturdiest on the market for large trailers. Made from Marinex marine grade woven material for a waterproof roof, it features Durapel UV protection for maximum anti-aging effect. Zippered panels allow easy access to entry points, while the cover is held in place by a military-grade strap and d-ring.


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There’s an RV cover on the market for every budget and taste. These covers all provide protection against water and animal damage, while all but a few budget options also come equipped with UV protection. We personally favor the Expedition brand, which provides durability and advanced protection for an average of $100 less than the highest-end models. It stands out among the best RV covers on the market.