When it comes to the RV life, there are 2 things that can make or break the fun of the trip. The first is the RV itself (obviously). If an RV is uncomfortable or unreliable, it ruins the experience. The second make or break factor is the campsite. No one likes to stay at an unpleasant campsite. And that brings us to a pertinent question – what makes a good campsite?

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Campsite

Whether you’re camping off the grid or in a communal campground, there are a number of factors to consider before you decide to pitch your tent or park your RV.

Is There a Good Water Source?

This is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for a good campsite – the availability of fresh water. Whether you opt for free camping off the grid or decide to camp in a paid campground, the first thing you need to consider is not only the availability of clean water, but the distance you have to travel to access it. The nearer the better – for obvious reasons.


A good campground has to be easily accessible. The road does not necessarily have to be smooth or paved, but it must have a good road network to and within the campsite. Most campsites do have  good road networks but it is always wise to check what kind of roads they have so that you know what you’re getting yourself and your RV into.


The whole point of going camping is to enjoy the best nature has to offer. If you’re planning on spending a long time at the campsite, the location and scenery must be good enough to keep you happy for the duration of your stay there. Even if the plan is to go off the grid, choose a campsite that is convenient and comfortable enough for your stay there. Another factor to consider when choosing a location is the availability of convenience stores to fill up on supplies, and restaurants if you plan on eating out once in a while.

Reliable Services

When you are picking out a campsite, make sure to find out the services they offer there. For example, if you want to be connected to the net, make sure there is WiFi there. With many digital nomads embracing the RV life, internet connectivity is a big determinant in choosing a campsite. Other services can include an electrical hook-up, a dump station, a laundry room, and for that classic touch, a resident mechanic. A good campground will make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible by affording you the basic necessities of life.

Lots of Activities

Whether you’re camping solo or as a family, activities make up an integral part of the RV adventure. The best campsites are those located near lakes, mountains, or some other natural feature worth exploring and packed with fun activities like fishing, hiking, swimming, or just a plain picnic by the lake. Whatever tickles your fancy, make sure your campground of choice offers a great experience for the family. These fun activities don’t have to be within the campsite itself, but if the campsite is located near them, that’s a plus.

Community or Private Pitch

choosing your camping spot

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Depending on your personal preferences, you can pitch in a communal campground or decide on a more private (and usually pricier) pitch. If you don’t mind pitching next to other RVs (and sometimes it can really be next) then a communal campground is good for you. If you’re looking to get some privacy, you can look for a more private pitch that will afford you the luxurious silence you are looking for. The main advantage with communal pitches is that activities are more fun as you can play group games like volleyball, football, or other fun group games. The downside is that amenities can become overburdened and unbearable.

Well Maintained Restrooms

This one is a big and unavoidable issue – restrooms. For many, this can understandably be a deal breaker if the restrooms are not kept to good standards. Even though most RVs are self-contained, the showers can be quite cramped and the toilets can fill up quite quickly. This makes it more of a necessity for a campsite to have well-maintained showers and toilets. When you Google “camping near me”, make sure to check the reviews left by other patrons, and watch-out especially for what they say about the toilets and showers.

Time to Choose a Campsite (And Get Going)

Now that you have the major factors that make up a good campsite, it’s time to select your next RV destination and get going. Happy camping.