An RV road trip is a great way of bonding as a family. The memories you create will put smiles on everyone’s face for a long time. But nothing can put a downer on such a wonderful experience like coming back to find your home broken into. That’s why I believe you will find these tips for home security while traveling invaluable.


5 Vital Tips for Home Security While Traveling

Home security is vital whether you are home or not, but more importantly when you are not. So how can you ensure that your home is secure when you are gone. Good question. And I’ve got some equally good tips for you.

1. Have Someone Monitoring Your Home

An empty house is free pickings for intruders. If you plan on going away as a family, find someone to house sit for you. Even if it’s just one person, it is still a big deterrent. If you can’t find a house sitter, asked your trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your house for you. You can even take it a step further and give them the keys to your castle and ask them to regularly check that everything inside is ok. It is even better if they can do so in the evening and morning. Evening so that they can switch on a few lights to give an illusion of someone being home and morning to switch off the lights and ensure no one broke in at night.


2. Have an Alarm System Installed  

A home alarm system is a critical component of your home. Especially if you are one to go out often, a home security is an upgrade your home definitely should have. Even though burglars are able to bypass some security systems, it still is worth investing in one as it is another deterrent and also it will increase the time burglars will have to take to break in, thereby increasing their chances of being caught in the act, or being so sloppy as to leave evidence.


3. Invest in Some Light On Timers

Because most burglaries take place at night, under the cover of darkness, it’s safe to say that light is one of a burglars biggest enemies. But when your home is left alone, who will turn on the lights to scare away burglars? Or who will switch them off in the morning so as to save electricity (and also give the illusion that there is someone actually switching them off)?

This is why you need to invest in some light on timers. A light on timer is a simple (and inexpensive) device that you can connect to your light switch in order to program the light to turn on and off at certain times. Not only do light on timers make it look like you are home, but they help you save on electricity as you don’t have to leave a light on for days on end while you are away.


4. Beef Up Your Home Security With Home Security Software

Advancements in technology have made it very easy for you to monitor your home while you are away. All you need are a few cameras, a laptop, and a good home security software. Home security software is not expensive, some versions are free. The good kind offers basic packages that include motion detection, recording, and streaming functions. This will enable you to monitor your home from a laptop you have carried with you or even from your smart device.

And with the internet of things gaining a lot of momentum, keeping tabs on your house while you are away has never been easier. Not only can Alexa or Cortana do virtual assistance, but they can even be your best home security software.


5. Get Rid of the Evidence

One final tip to keep your home secure while you away is to get rid of the evidence that you are away. The biggest tell-tale signs that you are away are your paper and the mail. A pile of mail and newspapers is a clear signal to thieves that your house is a good target. The best you can do is either ask someone to get them for you or, if you are going to be away for a long time, re-route your mail. The most important thing is not to give burglars any sign that your house is empty.


A Safe Journey and a Safe Home Equals a Happy Vacation

Nothing spoils a vacation more than not being sure if your valuable possessions are safe or not. That is why you need to take these and other tips for home security while you travel very seriously. With these tips, you can vacation in peace and enjoy every moment knowing that all is well back home.

Feature image via Locksmith Dubai