Traveling in an RV is complicated for a variety of reasons, but it's even worse with a bulky ladder. Ladders are clunky and difficult to use, and they take up way too much space. Enter the collapsible ladder. Compact, lightweight, and efficient, collapsible ladders are great to add to your RV when you’re on the road.

Imagine you need to get on the roof of your RV on the side of the road in the middle of the mid-western desert. It's hot, you're sweaty, and your slippery fingers are trying to undo the zip ties that are holding your giant ladder to the side of your ride. If that's not a frustrating and potentially dangerous situation, I don't know what is. That's assuming you're able to bring a ladder at all. If you don't have one, well, good luck getting on top of that RV.

Instead of fighting with a bulky ladder, it would be better if you had a collapsible ladder tucked snuggly out of the way. You grab it from behind your seat, extend it, and you complete your repair in no time flat. There are a variety of ways a collapsible ladder can help you on the go, and it fares well when pitted against regular ladders. It also has a slew of perks that make them a great traveling ladder.

What exactly is a collapsible ladder anyway?

What Is a Collapsible Ladder?

A collapsible ladder or telescoping ladder is a ladder that can be compacted down into a much smaller form. It slides down, all the rungs lining up on top of each other, to provide a more compact storage option. On the other hand, they can extend to the height of a full ladder. You only have a limited amount of space in your RV, so size matters. To use one, all you have to do is extend the rungs out and lock it in place.

It's that size which allows you to bring a ladder, even in an RV with minimal storage, just in case you need one. Of course, you'll need to be mindful of your fingers, or the ladder could crush them. The steps could collapse down on them when compacting the ladder down. Or you could pinch them in the sides. Ouch! As long as you use caution and follow the instructions, a collapsible ladder is usually the most efficient way to prepare for anything you might need to fix on your trip.

Regular ladders vs. collapsible ladders

Ladder vs Collapsible

Regular extension ladders are big, with a length of 12 feet when they’re not extended being the average. They’re not easy to fit in or on an RV. Even if you can manage to get the ladder into the RV, how are you getting it out? They’re difficult to maneuver, no matter the size. You could try to fasten them to the top of your RV, but a low bridge or the right speed could throw it off. Traditional extension ladders are frustrating and bulky, making them difficult to use when you’re on the road.

Collapsible ladders are smaller, compact ladders, but they still pull their weight. They collapse down to allow for safe and efficient storage. Do you have a storage space under your RV or a spot under the driver’s seat that’s clear? You may even have a spot behind the seat, under a bed, or in a small closet. These ladders are specifically designed to be tucked away in vehicles like an RV. Different ladders have different heights and weights, so they’ll each have different space requirements. This manufacturer provides a nice list so you can see the potential sizes. They have sizes for all kinds of ladders; the collapsible ones are at the bottom. Always look at the collapsible ladders specifications before you buy them, to be sure they’ll fit snugly in your RV.


Xtend and Climb

Collapsible ladders are much more convenient in small spaces than regular ladders. They can be compressed to move around easily; they're also lightweight, easy to maneuver, and just as safe as regular ladders. But this way, you won't struggle to find space for it on your RV. There are a wide variety of different kinds of collapsible ladders, and many of them work quite well. As with everything, there are a few suspiciously made ones on the market, so do your research and seek out reputable manufacturers.

We know they're compact, but what else makes collapsible ladders a great choice to bring on the road?


Collapsible ladders aren't just for your RV though; you can use them and haul them anywhere with relative ease. They are ultra compact and can be stored in a house, shed, garage, or of course an RV. Regardless of where you keep it, you won't have the bulky regular extension ladders getting in your way, taking up your space, or causing issues at all. You'll just have a neat little ladder that's resilient and compact without any of the hassles. You can use them for chores around the house, and then pack up and use a ladder on the road.


Different ladders come in different heights, but with a collapsible ladder, you only need one. This ladder can adjust to any height needed for the job, so everything is accessible. The ladders have locking mechanisms, so you don't take a tumble.  The great thing is you don't need to extend it fully to get the height requirements that you need. It doesn't matter if you have to get on top of your RV, change a lightbulb, or do some external maintenance, you've got the ladder for the job. Forget having to keep a step stool, step ladder, regular ladder, and an extension ladder on hand. Who has room for all that? With a collapsible ladder, it's one and done.


A collapsible ladder can handle just about any task that a regular ladder can handle. So if you have a reason to keep your bulky ladder, the same reason stands to get a collapsible one. They're heavy duty even though they're lightweight and made to withstand just about anything you can throw at them. Crafted most commonly with aluminum or aluminum alloy, they're light but sturdy.

With all that capability wrapped up in one tiny and easy to use package, it's hard to understand why someone would even try to bring a traditional ladder on a trip. Collapsible ladders are simply better for travel.


AOFAS Foot care

Collapsible ladders are just as safe as traditional ladders but don't lose your head. Just because you can bring a ladder with you on your travels doesn't mean you should try to do something life-threatening. They have locking mechanisms to keep them from collapsing in on themselves, but they're still just ladders. If a regular ladder can't do it, a collapsible ladder can't do it. It's as simple as that.

When in doubt, choose safety. We can't stress enough.

Just like with any ladder, you have to be careful. Read the manual so you can be sure you're using your ladder correctly. Always have someone to hold the ladder at the bottom to steady you, and make sure those shoes are laced up! Your safety is always more important than whatever task is in front of you.

Where Can I Get a Collapsible Ladder?

Collapsible ladders are easy to find. You can get them at almost any superstore. Hardware stores are sure to have them, and if you want them delivered directly to your door, they are all over the internet. Searching telescoping ladder or collapsible ladder in Amazon brings you hits like this sturdy ladder or this bright and compact beauty. There isn't an excuse not to have a collapsible ladder with you on your travels. Depending on where you get them and what brand you choose, you could expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $300 for one of these ladders.

Anything can happen when you're on the road, and having a backup plan for your backup plan is never a bad idea. A compact ladder just makes sure you're ready just in case something needs to be fixed, such as a window. And luck favors the prepared, right?

Do You Have a Collapsible Ladder in Your RV?

If you don't have a collapsible ladder in your RV, you might be using up too much space with a clunky ladder, or you don't have a ladder at all. Tuck a collapsible ladder in your RV for a rainy day because someday you're going to have to change that lightbulb just out of your reach, and you need a way to get there.

Do you have a ladder for your RV? Is it collapsible or are you toting around a regular ladder? Did you get a collapsible ladder for your next trip? Let us know how it turned out in the comments.

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