Are you thinking of moving into your RV to live in there full-time?

Full-time RV living is an exciting adventure if you’re in the right RV. If you have chosen an RV that boasts a luxurious interior and has been designed with comfort in mind, as well full-time living, then you have an excellent home on your hands. Choosing the wrong RV on the other hand, will lead to frustration and disappointment.

So, if you’re thinking of living in an RV full-time, you must first analyze what your needs are so you can choose the right RV that meets your needs. You’ll need to consider the space, kitchen, and living area according to the number of travelers and in-dwellers. If you require a little help choosing the best RV for full-time living, then this article is for you! Here are our top five RV suggestions.


1. Keystone Montana 


Montana is a leading RV manufacturer in North America. They are famous for designing motorhomes with a high comfort level. They have a variety of motorhomes on offer, and the different layouts give buyers the opportunity to pick and choose the RV that feels the most like home to them. The Keystone Montana has a spacious interior which accommodates a large TV screen and furniture. Full-size showers offer comfort and the kitchen boasts exceptional modern day features. These RVs even have a fireplace to help keep you warm during cold nights. With plenty of climate control equipment, these RVs are perfect for full-time living regardless of the season.


2. Forest River Blue Ridge 


If you’re looking for a fifth wheeler that offers incomparable value then look no further than the Forest River Blue Ridge. Not only the style but the durability of these fifth wheel RVs is exceptional. The interior is tastefully furnished and features an ultra-modern decor. In addition to the fireplace, Blue Ridge RVs come with recliners and entertainment centers. To help control slide outs, there is a key. Patio lights, front and rear jacks, and a top quality kitchen make the Blue Ridge RV a great choice at a reasonable price.


3. Coachmen Brookstone 


When it comes to the best built travel trailers, Coachmen’s Brookstone is among the best. The Coachmen Brookstone fifth wheel camper is a revolutionary model that promises customer satisfaction at every turn. The RV’s kitchen is very practical and is equipped with spice racks, dryer prep, wine racks, and even doggie bowls! That’s not all however, as the kitchen also features a cozy booth dinette in addition to the Corian countertops. The leather seats provide an unparalleled superior comfort, ensuring nothing but a smooth outdoor living experience. With 11 floorplans, 50” TV, a couple of leather recliners, and sufficient storage capacity the Coachmen Brookstone stands out from the crowd and deserves a spot on your list of RVs to consider.


4. Palomino Columbus 


One of the best RV for full-time living has got to be hands down the Palomino Columbus. This sleek motorhome featuring a spacious kitchen, living space, and slides for extra room is as smooth on-road as it is off-road. This fifth wheeler is also appropriately fitted with luxurious cherry hardwood cabinets that complement the interior décor perfectly. Dining chairs have also been included and help add to the charm of the RV’s kitchen. The Lay-Z-Boy furniture adds to the comfort and luxurious look. 16 floor plans exist for this RV model and each has a 101” body that goes a long way in creating a home-like feel. Finally, the central vacuum system has been included to regulate and maintain the interior temperature.


5. Kick’in Kampers Inc. 


Not all campers have to be massive. If you’re planning on living in a camper all by yourself you may not need to buy a full size RV. Sometimes the smallest fifth wheel campers may get the job done just as well, if not better than the bigger models. If you’re considering a smaller camper, then be sure to check out Kick’in Kampers Inc. to order a customized fifth wheel camper. The company promises top quality customized campers and offers roll-in tile shower, customized doors, chair-lift, and much more.


Full-Time Living in an RV Requires Proper Preparation


Choosing to live in an RV full-time is not a decision that should be made lightly. There are a lot of things to consider when you decide to do so. For example apart from having the basics in your camper, you should also consider the energy needs you’ll have, and also where you’re going to be parking when it’s time to sleep, and where you’re going to empty out your tank. The right camper will help make the transition from living in a house or apartment to an RV easier. So make sure you choose the right fit for you.

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