When it comes to family summer vacations, no other place can be as synonymous as the great Disneyland in California. And there’s no better way of enjoying this icon of family fun than by RV. True, you can book a family suite at one of the fancy hotels but I’ll give you 3 reasons not to.

  1. There’s no novelty in sleeping in a hotel room.
  2. Hotels around the Walt Disney resort are not exactly friendly to your pocket (some are even rumored to charge an arm and a leg).
  3. Anaheim RV Park.

I know what you’re thinking. The other 2 reasons are legitimate enough, but how does an RV park in California qualify to be a reason I should forego the luxurious bed in a themed hotel? Good question. I’ll give you 5 good reasons why.

5 Reasons the Anaheim RV Park Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

I don’t know about you and your family, but for us (and many other families too) vacation time is all about freedom, fun, and family bonding. And that’s what the Anaheim RV Park is all about. They understand families because they’ve been a family run business since 1956. But let me not get ahead of myself, I promised you reasons, and reasons I will give.

  1. Close Proximity to Disneyland

This is the reason for your California trip is it not? Well, Anaheim RV Park is one of the RV parks in California to possess much-coveted land just a mile away from the Walt Disney resort. It’s practically the same as staying in the resort itself. The bonus is the freedom to make your stay as personalized as possible, and the freedom your kids need to be themselves. Let’s face it, as nice as a hotel room may be, freedom is one thing it will never offer. One of the biggest perks of staying so close to Disney is that you get a front row seat to the fireworks display, right in the comfort of your RV.

  1. Superb Amenities

Whether you are traveling alone or as a family, the amenities at Anaheim RV Park are definitely something to write home about. From the super clean bathrooms and toilets to the reliable internet connections, you’ll definitely enjoy your stay here. The laundry room has ample space and machines for guests to do their laundry in peace while the pool area has enough sitting for that relaxing afternoon dip. And when you want to empty your onboard toilet or plug in your power, there is a brilliant hookup system to make everything flow as smooth as possible. There’ll be no missing a hotel room here, what with all the comforts afforded here (not to mention the free coffee and muffin in the morning).

  1. Reliable Shuttle Bus to Disneyland

One major drawback to traveling in an RV, especially the big rigs, is the difficulty in maneuvering it around town. Thankfully, once you get to the Anaheim RV Park, you won’t have to worry about how to get to Disneyland (or any other site you may want to visit because of a shuttle bus that picks and drops guests every 30 minutes. Not only does it afford you the convenience of being driven to the resort, but it also saves you a couple of bucks in parking fees.

  1. Great Family Atmosphere
reasons to stay in Anaheim

Image via RVFTA

For those who enjoy a nice afternoon barbecuing with the family, there are a number of grills at the Anaheim RV Park to give you that tasty family afternoon. Unlike a hotel, Anaheim RV Park has a great family like atmosphere – kinda like a home away from home. I guess the phrase “family run business” means something here. With friendly staff and guests and lots of fun family activities, you might get tempted to forego the Disneyland excursion altogether.

  1. Affordable

This is the big one. For many families, a vacation takes disciplined saving up for if it is going to happen. And one of the areas you can cut down on your budget (drastically if I may add), is on accommodation. Whether you drive your own rig or a rented one, it still makes more economic sense to stay at the Anaheim RV Park – especially as overnight prices range from as little as $62 (standard back in) to $565 (premium pull through).

Next Vacation – Anaheim RV Park

Despite there being many RV Parks in Los Angeles, Anaheim is your best choice if you want proximity to the theme parks – without compromising on comfort. It is also the best base if you want to explore the rest of Sothern California’s beauty and culture. I guess all roads lead to Anaheim RV Park next vacation. See you there.

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