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Buying an RV is not at all like buying a car. It is a home, after all, a motorhome. And just like you take time to find the perfect house you will eventually call home for years to come (in many cases for life), so too should you put care in the purchase of your RV.  That’s why we have compiled this list of RV buying tips and advice.


So are there any special things you need to know as you hunt around for your next (or first) RV or travel trailer? Definitely! Here are the top 10.

New is Not Always Best

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We all love brand new things. From shoes to cars to RVs, we prize newly overused. A new pair of shoes is usually the best, but not so with RVs. If you can afford to buy new, by all means, go ahead and do it. But if you are on a budget, used is best.

I know, what you are thinking. New will last longer than used and smell better too. But buying a used RV has the advantages of being cheaper, leaving you with cash to modify the rig to your tastes. Spending less upfront gives you more flexibility to customer your “new” RV to suit your tastes. So as you go around looking for the perfect rig, don’t rule out the used ones, give them the same due diligence as you would the new ones.


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Another vice that keeps many people from the best is brand loyalty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against big names, they make great products. But nowadays, more often than not, big names more often than not sell just that – their names.

By exploring other not so familiar brands, you’ll be surprised at how much money you will save and how well they perform too. In today’s world, new players have the same technology at their disposal as other big name brands, and that’s why brand loyalty is dying a slow death. That unfamiliar RV you passed over deserves a second look.


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When buying an RV, don’t just budget for the immediate purchase. Think long-term and plan and budget for customization. You may want to get a different RV mattress as the one that comes in the RV may not be comfortable for you.

Or you may want to change the kitchen fittings, or…. There are so many things you definitely will want to customize or upgrade on your RV, so plan for that before you buy your RV. Remember, an RV is your second home (for many it’s their main home) and just like your house, home improvement never ends.

Don’t Be a Customer Be a Negotiator

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When shopping around for an RV, never settle for the “lowest” price the salesperson offers you. In reality, they can go way lower than their lowest price. Learn some negotiation skills and put on your negotiator’s face when you go and talk figures.

You’ll be surprised at the sweet deal you will be able to talk the salesperson into giving you.

Be Patient

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An RV is a very big investment. Not just financially but because of what it will mean to you down the road – a mobile home you use to create memories. And because of that, you should take your time and look around for the best deal you can get.

Apart from being patient, watch the market like a hawk for that special deal. It could be a discounted price or free extras. But one thing is sure, the promotion will come and you my friend, will get yourself a great RV.

Target the End of the RVing Season

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If you want to strike the best deal, buy your RV at the end of the season. This is because dealers will usually have stock they will want to get off their hands or simply aiming to beat a target.

This will require a lot of patience and planning on your part though as you will have to wait for this strategic window, even if you want your RV now. But your patience will pay, literally, in the form of the big savings, you will make.

Research the RV You Decide to Buy

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Before taking the plunge, gather as much information as possible about the RV you have settled for. This includes the brand and its pros and cons and that particular RVs history (as much as you possibly can). ​

This will help you know exactly what you are getting and will help you decide if you are willing to live with it for years.

RV Buying Tip – Enjoy the Buying Journey

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With these RV buying tips, you are bound to get the right RV at the right price. Investing in a motorhome is an exciting step in life, and it shouldn’t be ruined by getting a lemon of a rig.

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