If you’ve ever watched a pirate movie, you’ve no doubt seen some hammocks. Though these nifty sleeping devices were made famous by seafaring men and explorers, they actually originate from Central and South America. Primitive as hammocks may seem, they were an invention way ahead of their time, and it’s only now that they are being appreciated not only as a camping accessory but for their advantages to the body as well. If you haven’t purchased a hammock as an accessory to your RV (or even just as an indoor bed) I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should.

5 Reasons a Hammock Should Be Part of Your Camping Gear

I know you’re itching for the 5 reasons you should get a hammock, and so without further ado, here goes.

  1. Compact and Easy to Store
benefits of having a camping hammock

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When it comes to camping trips, one major pain-point is packing. Well, with a hammock you don’t have to worry about that. Lightweight and compact, it makes for easy storage and effortless carrying. Take the SingleNest Eno hammock, for example, it weighs a mere 16oz yet can safely hold 400lbs. Whether you’re camping by RV or hiking through the woods, including a hammock in your gear is the wisest thing you can do. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Besides, that extra 16oz will transform your sleep time like you’ve never imagined.

  1. Hammocks are More Comfortable than Sleeping Bags (And Conventional Beds)

Just because you are going it rough in nature does not mean you should deprive yourself of a good night’s sleep. Every camper and I mean every, has at one time or another failed to sleep due to stones on the ground, uneven surface, and horror of horrors, bugs. With a hammock, all these will become worries that are beneath you – literally. No more back aches in the morning and no more sleep deprivation on your camping trips. Hammocks are so comfortable to sleep in, more and more people are turning in their mattresses for hammocks.

  1. Hammocks are Easier to Set Up than Tents

Because of their ease of use, hammocks have given birth to a type of camping called “hammock camping”. This is a form of camping where one does not sleep in a tent. The hammock is the tent and bed. In case of rain, a simple tarpaulin cover can provide sufficient protection while a mosquito net keeps the bugs away. So how long does it take to set up a hammock? Only a couple of minutes. And how long does it take to pitch a tent? Well, that one is best left unanswered, it’s a touchy subject. Even if you’re camping in an RV, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of sleeping in a hammock over the cramped bed in your RV.

  1. Hammocks are a Great Way to Hack Your Brain

It has been discovered that the swaying of a hammock hacks your brain by altering its waves and sending you into a deeper sleep. So if you’re into biohacking, you should be into hammocks as well. Simply put, a hammock will help you maximize your outdoor adventure – even while sleeping. Your trip from the woods will be more refreshing than before with a hammock.

  1. A Hammock Can Be Set Up Anywhere

When it comes to finding the perfect spot to hang your hammock, there’s really no problem finding it because every spot is the perfect spot for a hammock. Whether you want to suspend it over a stream, rocks, or even tree stumps or roots. The beauty of a hammock is that terrain doesn’t matter, wherever you feel like sleeping, you can easily do so with a hammock.

Hammock Chairs – Taking the Camping Experience to a Whole New Level

using a hammock as a camping chair

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Now that you’re considering getting yourself a hammock for sleeping in, go ahead and add a hammock chair to your cart. A hammock chair utilizes the same principles as a traditional hammock but with an emphasis on sitting – and that very comfortably. Whether you get it for camping excursions (you definitely should) or simply to enjoy in your backyard a hammock chair is a great accessory for your camping gear. If you’re at a loss as to where you can get yourself these great camping essentials, Eagle Nest Outfitters, popularly known as ENO, manufacture amazing hammocks at even more amazing prices. I kid you not, once you set your eyes on their selection of hammocks and their accessories, you’ll be hooked, and your camping experience will never be the same again.

Hammocks – No Need to Keep Your Sleep in Suspense

For most campers, the biggest price they pay for a weekend in the woods is to put their sleep on hold – not by default but because of the discomfort of sleeping on the ground. With a hammock, you’ll never have to suspend your sleep again. In fact, your best nights will be those you spend in the woods sleeping in a hammock.

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